Perhaps a new GF Project? Hydraulic Robot Arm



Thought this looked pretty cool and looks to be definitely a project worthy of the GF :smiley:

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending March 25th, 2017

Sooo cool


Bookmarked so fast!! This is awesome…think I just found my weekend plans


Oooooooo, yes. This :smile:


Now there is an awesome STEM volunteer opportunity at a local school!


Yea, my wife teaches 3rd grade science. Pretty sure if I show her this I’ll be doing it with her class next year. So naturally I’ll show her as soon as I get home :smile: That way I have a grown up reason for doing something I’m going to do anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


Third grade science? How fun! You have to do a video of how it was made and your wife can teach why it does what it does and let them play. - Rich


What a fantastic video. So inspirational!


Love it! Who doesn’t need a hydraulic robot arm?


We played with hydraulics when the kids were younger. Just make sure the tubing is on solidly and work somewhere water-resistant. (It can also be kinda cool to have some air in there because then you get some compliance.)


Oh wow. That’s sweet


Has anyone seen a PDF or something for the actual cuts? Or am I going to have to actually do some figuring?


I haven’t – I think we will have to actually design the pieces…


New video from the same guy. This guy is a maven with the glue guns and cardboard. Make some wish I had time to fiddle with arts and crafts/engineering.

Second passover option

Yes! I definitely want to make one of these.

And the combination lock that @jordanloshinsky shared reminds me of one by Ugears. I bought the kit a while back and it was really impressive.


I’m really glad to hear their product was good! Their stuff was so impressive. I hope to be able to design at that level one day.


Yeah, they are really amazing and as beautiful as they appear in the pictures.

I hope to design mechanical toys and games, so in my initial excitement for getting my GF back in the day I splurged and bought almost their entire set to learn from. The most interesting element that they use is toothpicks. They act as not only axles, but also the means in which stacked pieces are stuck together. I highly recommend getting one set, just to see all the ingenious methods that they use.