Personalized Game Pieces

Our kiddo is hitting his prime Chutes & Ladders years, but the pieces are annoying.

The 4 in the front are my art… But once I got going I started throwing other characters in.

This one time I doodled my husband and I as kids. We keep finding new uses for them. :slight_smile:

Our kiddo. And a pet lion. :slight_smile:

Of course Frida’s the most beautiful piece.

Bless the child who thought I was making a piece for the United Nations.

Some blank pieces.

It’s telling me no svgs, but here’s a png if anyone wants to play.

:slight_smile: Happy making!


Very cool use of a laser and a lucky Kiddo.

One can upload .svg files but it is not one of the default choices. When I’m at a desktop computer, I’ll post the routine. You have to do some manual editing of the file name.

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So cute…yup our kiddos are the spoiled ones…lol


These are awesome! Ah they’re giving me itchy laser finger!


I like your blank quidditch goals!


As a dude in his early 30s, I unabashedly love Steven Universe. Your pieces are pretty cute!


I may have purchased a star shirt and red ukulele to dress up as Steven Universe for PAX. I’ve been trying to learn how to play a song on it. The problem is the $20 ukulele I bought was for kids and my hands are too big.


I love these! I want to replace all my game pieces with custom ones now. I’m a moderately serious Scrabble player, and a calligrapher, I predict that someday in the future I’ll have AWESOME custom Scrabble tiles.


I would love to make a custom Scrabble board. Been looking at some hickory a have drying that might make good tiles some day.


One of my first projects is going to be a custom chess board. A wooden or leather Monopoly board is on me someday list.


I have an old backgammon board in thin felt, crying for a remake with a nice leather inlay.


Yay for hickory!

Very cool great work

Uploading .svg files in a post is a matter of putting the correct html markers around the file name as it resides on the Glowforge server and putting the tag name in. So first upload the file as normal, which will put it into an img tag and give an white box as an image placeholder since Discourse doesn’t natively display .svg graphics. Manually change the beginning and end of the tag to to a simple href attachment tag, while keeping the URL and upload name.

My knowledge of html is limited. sorry if this isn’t clear. I’ve escaped the tag so you can read the code rather than it executing. Ignore the space after the less than sign/tag opening.

You will change this:
< img src="//" width=“257” height=“500”>

to something that looks like this:

< a class=“attachment” href="//">FileName.svg< /a> (300.4 KB)

The final numbers in parenthesis you can put in manually according to file size or just leave it off.
I know there is a better way to demonstrate this, but I really don’t know how to quote code well. Apologies to the professionals. Probably could have done a screen shot.


Laser-Cut game pieces (and board pieces for that matter) for prototyping games is definitely something I plan to use my GF for! Nice job on these!


Ha! :slight_smile: I like html. It always ends up being so logical.

Thank you for the instructions! They totally worked. I left the pieces with the double depth tabs, but honestly they ended up being pretty annoying to hammer in. Instead I’m going with (and tacitly suggesting) the style at the top with the single layer tabs. I’m going to hammer them into the stars, and then glue the smaller circle, with the square hole, between the star and the larger circle, with the square inscription… I think I’ll be happiest with those results… We’ll see.

:slight_smile: I’m looking forward to seeing what you all make.


Oops. I dropped Buddy in the coffee…


everyone needs a coffee buddy


At least they are not clowns… my fiance is always complaining of clowns in his coffee… LOL