Photo cleanup

For some reason this didn’t post with my orig post
Looking to clean up this photo, I am not overly tech savvy but want to engrave this for my friends of 40+ years, any help greatly appreciated.

You haven’t specified here or in your other post, exactly what it is you’re looking for in a “clean up”. There are apps out there that will remove the background, or it can be manually done in any raster editing program. When engraving you want to “blow out” the image - it should look way to contrasty to look good when the laser does it. There are fabulous instructions here:

This photo has a lot of different shades (the person in the front is way lighter than the one farthest back) so you may need to edit them in layers.

If you’re just looking to have someone do the work for you, you can request that and someone may help, or offer to pay for it, or use a service like Let us know!

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Thank you I will try that, I’ll post if it turns out😊

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