Photo engrave demo?

Have you guys (at glowforge) engraved a photo onto anything (with a glowforge). Not a 2-tone drawing, but a full fledged grayscale converted photo? If so I’d love to see how it came out. For example here’s one I posted a while back:


I have. Why?

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Sorry I meant someone at gf with a glowforge


ah, good clarification.


I want my Glowforge to do that.


Supposedly it will be able to do that

But it would be nice to see a Beta or Staff showing if it is possible a video or only a picture of something done.


Yeah there are a lot of things its supposed to do. As of last weekend there were a lot of things on that list no one has seen it do at all. Id personally rather see some of the high end functionality than the trace stuff which is more of a gimmick to me than being able to 3d engrave etc. I can trace images on my computer. Unfortunately that is a big selling point for them and it seems it was a bit more work than they thought.


The biggest benefit for me when I placed my order was the ease of use. I’ve used chinese laser cutters before, and they are anything BUT user friendly. It takes quite a bit to get them running the way you want to. The idea with the GF is to get something that is “plug and play”.

Not having some of the advanced features that make it plug in play will be a big bummer.


I want to put my vote forward:

If I receive my laser in December, but it has none of the high-end functionality shown in the videos, I would be perfectly happy. Cutting an SVG file is what I am looking for. If I received the ability to engrave photos as you have shown, but it was six months down the line, I’m OK with that. Even if the ability to continue a cut after moving something through the pass-through slot didn’t happen until later, I would be ok and understand. Those all seem like solvable software problems.

I would rather get my hands on something in December that can do what 95% of other lasers can do, rather than wait through another delay for 100% of what they advertised.


At this point I’m inclined to agree, particularly since software functionality can be updated online.


I’m not going to be happy at all. Those are the reason I bought the glowforge. I have a chinese laser that can do all the rest. I paid for the high end functionality.

First I paid for a laser over a year ago and was promised this functionality.

Secondly we were supposed to have this 6-9 or more months ago. Not only was it not ready at that point, it STILL isn’t ready, and we haven’t been shown anything that the laser is capable of doing those advanced features in the meantime.

So it’s one thing if it really is just that for some reason the software hasn’t caught up to allow for that functionality (even though it’s already way past the initial target date), but it’s another if it really physically isn’t able to do it at all and it’s going to be one of those sad crowdfunding stories that are happening all too often these days.

It’s getting down to the wire and we have seen absolutely nothing to say that this is going to do what they say it will.

All our chips are on black, let’s hope that’s where the ball comes to rest.


Not exactly what you are looking for I don’t think but it seems high res text and I believe they cut away material for placing letters

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I suspect the situation looks a bit worse than it actually is, since many of the cool features that were promised are software based and the software appears to be some way off being ready. This isn’t a real issue, however - as long as they ensure the hardware is capable, we will eventually get the software to match.

I’m more concerned about features becoming pro-only after we’ve already received our lasers. It has been presented as if the pro and basic will share software functionality, but we haven’t seen any explicit confirmation of this. More recent comments give the impression that they intend to limit functionality on the basic.


We have. It would take some searching but pretty sure this was specifically commented on. Let me see what I can find.

It may have been; I wouldn’t be at all surprised to have missed many posts on the forum. I haven’t found it using search though

It was a while back. Thankfully, I have one of those memories where I know something was said. Finding it is a different story!!

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That answers quite a different question, though. I’m more interested in whether they pull some of the registration features to thwart the people who cut a pass through slot in their basic

I’m not sure if you mean:

  • Using a source greyscale photo, converting it to a dithered black-and-white image, then engraving that, or
  • Using a source greyscale photo, engraving it with different grey settings representing different power settings?
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I disagree regarding software shared-functionality.

It would be illogical for both versions to have the same features, given the 3 Grand price difference between the two, and hardware differences, it would be completely inappropriate if features weren’t eventually introduced that took advantage of the Pro versions better hardware.

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Actually both of those would be great. We haven’t seen either.

The second one would essentially be a 3D engrave, which if that’s possible, would be infinitely cooler than a dithered image