Photos of multi-machine setups?

Will be purchasing my second machine shortly (and possibly a third in a few more months) and would love to see photos of how folks have multiple machines set up in their workspace (especially when it comes to venting).

Lucky! I’m betting a Y connector for a single exit will make an appearance here :slight_smile:

There are at least a couple more, but they’re not giving in to my searches :smiley:


I am looking to add a second GF machine as well, so super curious on seeing more dual setups.

@Shpigford if you ended up doing it already, I’d love to see your set up.

I’m trying to find the best method for multiple machines and their venting set up. Worst case, I’ll be doing two GF exhaust fans, but was hoping to consolidate to one fan with a dual vent set up. They are out there, but would rather hear how they work specifically with Glowforge.


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