Pinhole sized hole in lens and burn

Hey all,

So I’ve been forging for about an hour each night this past week. (My wedding is on Saturday so I’m making my groomsmen some gifts!) I last cleaned my GF last week and all has been swell.

However today i noticed a burned out hole in the lens on the GF. (The lens we remove with that little remove tool) Oof…bummer. See the attached photo. Does anyone know what caused this? My GF is stuck on focusing now so i think i’m screwed (And i only have one groomsman gift to go…)

OH dear. Maybe there is another forger here on the forums who can knock out that gift for you… where do you live?

Hey John, First off Happy cakeday!

I live in Cali, i’m not as worried about the gift right now. I’m more so worried about my GF and if i can…repair it?

I forgot to mention in my post that i was in mid print when i got a notice it couldn’t complete. After a restart i noticed it wouldn’t focus and hence i found my issue.

I think (assume? imagine? suppose? ) that it’s possible that the last time you inserted the lens it was not quite perfectly straight?

Oh man, that’s the pits. If the the only issue is the damaged lens, good news is it’s a consumable part an easy thing to replace. Of course, it would be good to know what caused it. What were you burning? And if you get desperate about the gift, I’m in Stockton if that helps.

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The fact that the burn marks are at the edges of the lens indicates, to me, that something wasn’t aligned properly. Whether the lens was somehow askew or mirror not fully seated, we have no way of knowing. Check your lens removal tool to make sure the magnet didn’t break and get lodged inside. Look inside the head to see if the plastic sleeve is melted. Check the head mirror.


I’d clean everything, reinstall the lens and try again. You can’t make it worse and you should be able to get things going although you might need to adjust the power a tick or two to make up for a slightly less precise laser collimation.


Congratulations on the wedding Saturday!

I’d like to send you a replacement lens.

I’ll follow up in email to sort out the details.

I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic.