Pizza: Your favorite kinds and your favorite locations to eat them at



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I used the press tonight. Not sure if I’ll use it again. Will have to try it out with the wood oven. Kitchen ovens just can’t do it. So it becomes more of a thick crust, chewy. Have to use too much cornmeal and then all the oil on top. So what is different is that with a kitchen oven, even if 550° there is just too much humidity from the toppings and dough to get the crisp I like. Will try it with a less hydrated dough.

So my favorite pies are sausage and mushroom. New Haven, CT is the best outside of Italy. Rome pizza over Naples.


I just has some pie in new haven Ct three weeks ago and it was very good the used a press but a very hot open fire oven


Sausage and mushroom and black olive (and maybe second type of sausage). Now my stomach is growling and I’m drooling. - Rich


Dang, it’s bed time and now I’m hungry :stuck_out_tongue: Stupid awesome looking pizza! How dare you look so tasty!


May not be a crisp as you like but it looks great!
Favorite kind and location? I like meats all of them. Ideally extra sauce. Really it would be easier to tell about the kind and places I don’t like.

To pick one favorite kind and place by far was my mother’s and at home. She Made everything from scratch. Well, actually her crust was made with Bisquick, but for the life of me I can’t reproduce it. If I could spend just one more day with her it would be spent in the kitchen cooking everything I remember from my childhood. She left us way to early at the age of 42. I was as a senior in high school and am thankful for every minute I got to spend with her…
Perhaps this explains my love for pizza. I could eat it 7 days a week. Unfortunately I do eat it way to often to be healthy.


The absolute best pizza I have ever had was at Don Antonio in Hell’s Kitchen New York.

Probably second best is a place called Trattoria Grappolo in Santa Ynez, CA.

Thankfully we have found a quite decent wood-fired place locally here in Seattle called Pizzeria Pulcinella.


Many varieties of vegetarian pizzas. No olives, though. Generally not too picky. I do like wood fired pizzas better. My favorite location to eat them is in my mouth.


no country in the world that makes better pizza than America. I like to fill up my pizza’s with onions, spicy meats, jalapenos, paprika, mushrooms, cheese and an egg. When the thing returns from the oven I spray or sprinkle (I have both) my home made chilli oil on top. Love it.

Italian delivery makes me choose as little as possible toppings, domino’s or new york pizza look and taste too processed for my liking. It’s why I make my own.



Australian restaurant won best Pizza in the world for 2016.


I grew up in New Haven. I still miss the gas-fired refrigerator and being able to sit in the kitchen at one of the old pizza joints (it’s changed management three or four times since then).

There’s a local place that’s pretty good, and some folks who have big dome ovens, but I still miss the mediocre place across the street from where I used to work, where at lunchtime they would have my order fired up by the time I walked to the back counter.


Some of the best pizza I have ever had came from a recent trip to Italy.


Congratulations to them. That is an honor. But it is like saying chocolate ice-cream is the best flavor in the world. I have never met a chili cook that didn’t think they made the best chili in the world. Theirs, of course, pails in comparison to mine. :grinning: - Rich


I love any “good” pizza. Still in the process of building a brick oven off my back porch. Fire brick ended up more expensive than I was expecting (you think a preacher would have thought to “count the cost” - buy hey.) My favorite pizza place is actually in DC, which stinks since I’m in Texas. It’s a little place on capital hill called “We The Pizza.” I just have to console myself with the worlds best BBQ while I wait for a reason to go to DC. Maybe I should run for office, apparently anything is possible now…(sorry, couldn’t help myself, voting day blues…)


Interesting…[quote=“kennethclapp, post:13, topic:3381”]
(you think a preacher would have thought to “count the cost” - buy hey.

We have two pizza-loving preachers on here? (@marmak3261) :relaxed:


All preachers love pizza, it’s commanded in 2 Opinions Chapter 2, verse 4 - “thou shalt love pizza in all it’s many forms…” at least that’s what I read :yum:


In the SF Bay Area, the best place I have found for pizza is Mulberry Street Pizzeria in San Rafael. I’m pretty boring so I tend to stick with the standard pepperoni pizza.


In high-school I delivered pizza for RedBoy’s in Fairfax, CA. Not gonna try and claim “best” pizza, not by a long shot, but they did sourdough crusts, which were delicious… and which I haven’t really seen anywhere else that I can think of.


There’s a place we go for lunch sometimes, Von’s 1000 Spirits here in downtown Seattle. They do sourdough crust for their pizza, and homemade sourdough pasta! They’ve ruined restaurant mac & cheese for me. Nowhere else comes close!


As an oven designer I’m not falling for this trick :grinning:

Pizza is an emotional food - almost everyone’s favorite is one that’s like the one they grew up eating. That’s why people love Chicago pan pizza while others hate it and prefer thin crust Neapolitan pies.

The best is likely from that corner place your dad & mom used to take the family to.

What’s interesting is that while there are often great pizzas, the variation allows for almost anything to be called pizza and not be bad. Different but not necessarily bad :grinning:


The topic is what is your favorite kinds and locations. - Rich