Playing with Canvas again

LOL The full collection is a bit insane at this point. It’s spread across two rooms.


Wow! Are they in alphabetical order or you just randomly pull and play? How often do you play them. Super nice collection. What type of music is in your collection?

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Those are fantastic. You have raised the bar again.

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Everything is alphabetical except the small pile in the last picture. Otherwise I would never be able to find that one song I really want to listen to. I listen quite a bit but not as often as I would like. The thing with records is you engage with them physically (Take them out of the cover, turn them over, etc.). So when I listen to physical records, that’s the focus.

If I am just looking for background, I have a pretty huge selection of MP3s (about 1.3 TB) on a local server. I just hit shuffle on the whole thing, which is fun. To give you some idea of the range, these are the last 10 records I bought:

Jazz Dispensary: Cosmic Stash (Jazz Various Artists)
Chuck D: Call Me Mister Chuck (Rap)
The Psychedelic Furs: “Made of Rain” (80’s band)
Roger Waters: “The Wall: Live in Berlin” (No explanation required)
Frankie and the Witchfingers: “Monsters Eating Monsters” (Alternative/Indie)
Pete Yorn: “Live at the Fonda” (Acoustic Songwriter)
Prince: “The Rainbow Children” (Greatness)
Kikagaku Moyo: “Masana Temples” (Japanese Psychedelic rock)
The National: “Boxer Live in Brussels” (Alternative/Indie)
Art Pepper: “The Return of Art Pepper” (Jazz)

You will also find a lot of 80’s music, since that was my high school days, the metal years (don’t judge), jazz, rap, punk and various weirdness.


That piece at the back: turn it counter clockwise and burn a “pen and ink” cliff scene (imagine the Alps) with the blue sky and clouds beyond. Then frame it. [I’ll let your imagination do the rest…]

Jean-Michel Jarre? Now I have to dig some of his stuff out again.

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Equinoxe for the win!

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I loved every one of his albums I don’t know why I gravitate to Zoolook. It was just so different.

Jean-Michel Jarre is practically mainstream compared to some of what’s here. He falls under my general love of electronic music (Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, etc).

Weird is The Residents, Fred Frith, Snakefinger Lithman, Jayne/Wayne County and the Electric Chairs, Tuxedomoon or perhaps a disco single by Marilyn Chambers.

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Hmmmmm I have both of those machines. Now I have things to think about also.

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These are incredible!!! Wow!!!

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Do you happen to have any steppe wolf? I think this would make a great canvas.

Is this done on Black canvas? Where is the black color coming from?

Also what are your settings?

Pretty sure that is a photo of the album cover.

There are several coats of paint. The colors are at the bottom with a coat of clear to add a bit of cover on the colors, and then a final coat of black over everything. The image gets reversed (like a negative), so the laser etches away the black to reveal the color.

Check this for some more details: