Further Experiments in Canvas

I spent most of Sunday and a few hours today playing around some more with canvas. Here are my results. The first canvas started out like this:

And using an old B&W photo from my younger days, I got this:

I played around with a few things and did the Orion Nebula from a nasa shot. The inverted photo looked like this:

The lasered canvas turned out like this:

I went back and dotted in the stars with a silver sharpie.

Note: My best results came with a double clear coat over the original slashes of color, and let it dry overnight before the black top coat (thank you @evansd2 for the suggestion). The colors come out much better this way as you can see from the two signs I made below:

These are for my upstairs Office and Glowforge rooms. The colors on these pop a bit more, but sometimes the muted is nice too.

You also don’t have to go with just black. This one was done with a top coat of grey primer and a light misting of gold metallic. I had intended the green to go behind her eyes but I was a little low. Spray paint is a bit of a guesstimate, but I am okay with that. The non-perfection is way more interesting to me.

And now I need to order more canvas.


Beautiful stuff and the nebula is my favorite!


What happens if you repaint an existing one that you don’t like? I’d think that would give you similar results to an original canvas since it’s just the top or top couple of layers you’re burning.


Didn’t some of the Old Masters do just that? I seem to recall reading about art restorers discovering a totally different work under the top layer.


This artwork makes me totally regret not ever having formal art classes. I’m a firm believer that the more you learn, the more you can learn; particularly your own creativity…it needs to be developed.

You’ve inspired me to grow, thank you.



Excellent work @shogun !!!


I really like Studio A & B! You nailed it on the photo of you though! Just ab fab


Great technique! Seems like there are tons of color opportunities here. Nice!

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This is just amazing! Well done!

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This may actually be the one perfect use for killz, since it’s pretty much bullet proof. However, you do lose a lot of the texture of the canvas at that point. Worth it to recycle and use the repainted ones for the really “out there” experiments.


My art teacher from high school played a joke on the Latin/French teacher. He painted the teacher’s portrait but before doing the portrait layer, he did a white layer with a skull in leaded white. They took it to the local physician’s office and ex-rayed it. Pretty cool having the skull show up underneath.


Your art teacher must have had a great sense of humor. :laughing:


This is so cool. I LOVE them!


YUP, Another Book mark of something I need to try.

Good thing I have so much PTO banked, I may need to take a week of :glowforge: vacation


Love it! What power / speed settings are you using?

Settings can only be discussed in Beyond the Manual, fortunately the OP started a thread there specifically to cover this process.

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Pretty slick I must say. This could get very interesting! GO GET MORE CANVAS LOL!


I just got my canvases from Blick Art.