Please give us a way to contact Glowforge via phone

I have been trying to give Glowforge money for the past three-and-a-half weeks. I want to upgrade from a Glowforge Basic with a filter to a Glowforge Pro without a filter. As this is a non-standard upgrade path, I’m unable to simply visit the upgrade page on the Glowforge website. This could have been handled via a brief phone call. Instead, after 28 days and 19 emails exchanged, I still have not been able to complete the transaction for my upgrade. Why can’t I simply have a five minute conversation with support in order to quickly resolve issues like this? I just want support to invoice me via PayPal for my upgrade to a Pro.

@dan, The problem is visible in the following timeline. Essentially, these types of support interactions require the customer and Glowforge to ask and answer a few questions. Because each step takes at least 3-4 days and sometimes longer for Glowforge Support to respond, the process is drawn out over multiple weeks. Please fix this.

The timeline:
10/13 Email to Glowforge support requesting answers to two questions. How much would I be refunded if I cancel my filter and how much would it cost to upgrade to a pro without a filter?

10/13 Auto-response from Glowforge acknowledging receipt of my email

10/13 Second email from me clarifying that I don’t want a filter on the Pro if I upgrade

10/14 First real email from Glowforge that includes a related blurb that doesn’t answer my question.

10/14 I email Glowforge reiterating the questions I would like answered

10/16 I email Glowforge asking for a response and repeat my questions

10/17 I email Glowforge again asking for a response

10/17 I post to the forum: “Glowforge isn’t responding to my emails”

10/17 @Dan responds to my forum post and apologizes for the delayed response saying that Glowforge normally responds within 3 days, but support has been busy.

10/21 I email support again and ask them to respond

10/26 I post to the forum and cc @dan: Why isn’t support responding

10/26 Email from support: Apologies for not responding

10/26 Email to Support, taking them for responding with initial answers and seeking clarification on the total upgrade price to go from (Basic + filter) to (Pro - Filter)

10/30 Auto-response from Support acknowledging receipt of my email

10/30 Email to support asking “How do I pay you?”

11/2 Another email to support asking “How do I pay you?”

11/2 Response from Support: We can invoice you via PayPal or take a more complicated path

11/2 Email to Support: “Please invoice me via PayPal”

11/6 Email to Support : Ping. Please let me pay you!

Contrast this with an experience I had as a Makerbot customer when my Replicator suffered from a crimped stepper motor cable. I emailed them with a description of the problem. Within 24 hours, I received a response asking that I give them a call. After 5-10 minutes on the phone, we had identified the problem and had arranged delivery of the replacement cable. I can only imaging how long this process might take if I have experience an issue with a Glowforge.

I am providing this summary because I want Glowforge to be successful. @dan, Is there any way that you can let us contact Glowforge support via phone? The only number on your website has a snarky message next to it suggesting that we can dial it if we would like to hear your voice mail message. This is unprofessional and not at all customer-centric.


Suggestion. Copy and paste this whole msg in the problems and support category. That is monitored in a way this category is not.


Thanks for the suggestion. It has already been moved into the problems & support category.

I believe I’ve read that moving a thread to P&S doesn’t generate a new support ticket the way starting a new thread in P&S does. (in case you don’t get a swift reply)


Glowforge support responded privately with the PayPal invoice Inwas looking for back in mid-October.

The purpose of this thread is to request that Glowforge give us a better (more efficient) way of engaging support for issues which are best discussed via phone/video chat as opposed to emails with 3+ day response times.


This is a real problem that they must address.

After repeated emails, I was finally given a PayPal invoice which I quickly paid on November 7th. As ov November 10th, the page still shows my non-upgraded order. I pinged support via email but didn’t receive a response. This morning, I created a new support case in hopes of getting this in front of a support engineer.

Is support adequately staffed?


I agree this is a serious problem. This past Sunday I opened support ticket regarding a noisy and vibrating exhaust fan, and am totally in the dark about the status beyond receiving a confirmation that they are looking into it. Thanksgiving is most certainly a factor this week, but for my business I hope to soon know whether I’m waiting for replacement parts with instructions, if i’ll have to mail the entire machine back, or otherwise. At this point I have no way of knowing how long it may be before I can resume work, nor how to get answers. Hopefully they smooth out this process because with the number of machines in the field, they’re going to have a lot of unique support cases with confused and angry customers. I hope in my case, it’s simply the holiday that’s holding them up from responding.