Please help me with setting

Hi guys, does anyone of you engaged this type of leather.

Mean engraved… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Try these settings on a sample. DO NOT mask your leather. If you are able to case this leather — I recommend casing.

Look inside your GF as this is engraving the sample. Do a 1 minute engrave.

Speed 1000
Power 52
LPI -170


I would recommend verifying what type of leather it actually is before you engrave it. Lots of faux leathers are PVC-based and will cause damage to your machine very quickly.


If you buy veg-tanned leather in the 3-6oz range, the PG settings for leather work just beautifully. If your leather is significantly thinner or thicker you may need to raise the speed, or run the cuts multiple times.
Chrome tanned leathers, or some faux leathers can also be cut just fine, though they have other complications.

Finding settings involves testing - start with PG settings and adjust using something like these until you get it just right.