Please ,PLEASE give us a way to TURN OFF CHAT!

I pay for the Premium service and hate the idea that there is a chat that I never asked for, and do not want to see, taking up about 1/6 of the real estate of my screen. And there is no way of turning it off. Yes I know I can click on “hide” but I shouldn’t have to. I should be given the option of not having it in the first place. I have not “joined” but I’m being forced to see the ongoing conversations, complete with the Glowforge bot chiming in.
I’m sure that there are many users who enjoy spending their time getting to know other users and sharing their thoughts - which is their choice - but there are many others who do not have the desire to chat and have this distraction while trying to get work done.
I know that you (Glowforge) want this to stay on our screens so you can build your community, but come on folks… give the ones who don’t want to participate the choice to opt out! It ain’t that hard!


It has been suggested by other users previously.


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I concur most heartedly with your opinion. Considering all the Glowforge user comments echoing the same view, this is not doing them any favors. Annoyed people take their business elsewhere, it is human nature.
Long ago I learned “All upgrades involve changes but not all changes are upgrades”


It should be an “opt in” I wholeheartedly agree. If I want to “chat”, guess what? I go to the community and people will chime in sometimes pretty quickly. I now have 2 Glowforges and it is doubly annoying when I’m trying to get things done. I’m easily distracted and this is not productive for me. Don’t get me wrong, I like the community and have been around for 7 years in the community and learned a lot.

I am right now trying to (some might say, “finally”) starting my own business and I need to focus to get everything up and running. I’m still working full time (for 2 years way more than full time) but plan on retiring in a little over 2 years so hoping to have this business established and with some customer base built up. I do want to thank everyone who has been in the community, I have learned a lot.

I’m super tickled to have bought a refurbished Glowforge last weekend which means I have 2 Glowforges!!! …and now I feel like I can definitely get this started! Thanks for being there for me and everyone else! You all are my heroes.


I have to have my computer and glowforge in different rooms so as I am watching the glowforge I am not seeing the chat until after the cut is done. Even if the laser and computer are side by side I can just see someone so involved with the chat that they ignore the laser long enough to miss a starting fire.


COMPLETELY AGREE! It’s VERY annoying to have the chat box there.


One more vote for turning off the chat - I hate the way it clutters up my screen and creates a distraction while I’m working with expensive materials. This seems like it will contribute to human error and has the potential to be a fire hazard.


I hate it and want it off!


Add another vote for having an ability to turn it off.


Hi everyone - We completely hear everyone’s feedback and thoughts about the chat feature. There is a way to disable for each individual print (Hide button), but I have passed along the suggestion of the ability to a longer term solution to disable the print and your thoughts on the chat window. We hope that you will join the community and find value in meeting other members of the community and sharing your creations. Thanks!


Hi Emily (my sister’s name too!), I’ve been a member for years and I’m more apt to hop in the community than to chat as I’m sending things to print. I use that time to get my next print lined up. I use that large area with the time left printing to have a visual to know when I aim to have the next print ready to go (I display it on a different screen than the one I am working on). I work full time, and starting up my new business in my evenings and weekends so I just bought a new refurbished Pro to add to my workflow in hopes it will help me get my business off the ground.

The other thing I wish was a feature was the ability to reconfigure the dashboard (put the Recommended for you and the Popular this Month to be in the top of the screen next to ‘Dashboard, Catalog, Shop, Community’ line to give us more “real estate” to line up our next prints. Last night I was trying to set up a bunch of earrings to fill a full sheet of acrylic from my hard drive but it was time consuming.

I love my Glowforge since December 2017; that now I have 2!!


Hi @Livein3D ! Great to meet you. Thanks so much for being part of the community for so long and having two Glowforge printers! Awesome suggestion about the ability to reconfigure your Dashboard so it can give you more options and real estate to line up your next prints. I know making things efficient is so crucial for people that are using their Glowforge for work purposes. I’ve added this idea to the Hopper!


This must be a premium thing, or automatic once you join Discord.
I do not see the chat link, but never joined their discord nor paid for Premium.

If it annoys you so much @epconrad , try leaving the Glowforge thread and see if it stops populating your screen. You can always follow anew later if you find a need.

That makes more sense than it comes with Premium.

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Everyone gets it when you submit a print. I don’t have premium or use discord (wouldn’t even know how)…

AGREED> Please get rid of this feature ASAP Glowforge. We pay a lot of money a year to have premium and shouldn’t be forced to deal with this on the screen while we are working, it’s a huge distraction and really shouldn’t be such a complicated procedure for an IT tech to remove. No one is going to read chats while they’re trying to work, SUPER, SUPER ANNOYING.


Funny how quickly the rolled it out to everyone but can’t remove it. When bugs have popped up in the past, they were able to roll back to the previous version the same day.


It’s not a bug. So no reason for a rollback. It’s now a feature that may get modified. That’s a different sense of urgency.


and to be fair to Glowforge - while we hate it, there are hundreds of posts every minute going up there, so a lot of people love it. We may be in the minority here, which is why it’s better to use the method provided in the forum to remove it since I doubt the company is going to remove it any time soon.


The CSS fix Chris provided works like a charm and takes a couple of minutes to install.


Yup - that’s why I think everyone should use it rather than waiting on the company :slight_smile: