Popup heart v2 (pixeling in color)


I wanted to improve the design a bit by adding color so I did this one to be cut from different sheets of cardstock and slot assembled. Here is the basic design.

Seems to work pretty well I think :slight_smile:

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending February 18, 2017

Awesome! I made a card like this a while ago:

There’s a ton of cool paper art coming from laser folks!


Yeah, it’s impressive what you can do with paper and a laser :slight_smile: Daughter #2 decided she liked this heart pattern for her cards this year so we made 25 and she put them together last night.


That is GREAT!


Oh squeeeeeee! :grin:
(I’ve got a pop-out card pattern or two that I’m dying to try one of these days.)


A spoken word artist I enjoy, also does paper engineering, as he like stop call it. His name is Rives, and I highly recommend youtubing and googling him.

His spoken word(one of MANY, not his best, but this introduced me to him)


I can’t wait to make pop up books for my kids!


Yessssssss! Paper! {dancing around the room flinging confetti}


Here’s a site with a number of free popup designs…


Thank you, bookmarked!


She sent out 25 Valentines cards!!!


Bookmarked, thanks!!

BTW, what software did you use? Looks like Pop-Up Card Designer



and dont forget the free templates at


You and Rip together :smile:


OMG @dwardio. I’ll be doing some downloading tonight. I have pop-up card maker on my PC at work, but haven’t spent too much time with it. This is sure to speed up the creative juices.