Post your Glowforge Order/"Glowforge Is Ready" email dates here

I guess that since @dan said they couldn’t provide any kind of info about their progress, it’s up to us to try and get a better idea of what’s going on.

If you have received your “Glowforge Is Read” email, please post below to let people know what date you got that email, and what date you ordered (if you go to the main site and sign in, you can see that date by looking at your purchase history). Also, please mention whether you ordered a basic or pro.

If enough people participate, this should help give others in the community who have been waiting so, so long to get their Glowforge a better sense of the progress being made. Hopefully it will reassure people, relieve stress, and build some excitement as we now appear to approaching the home stretch!

My girlfriend and I have not yet received our email, but we’ll check the thread regularly to follow along on progress and keep others posted when our turn comes.



There’s a thread here for folks to list their dates, and there’s a spreadsheet if people want to add themselves to, they can.


Ah great - that thread title wasn’t clear that it has shipping info. Thanks for letting me know!

You’re welcome! Yep, lots of info gets buried in a hurry in these threads, we like to chit-chat! :smiley:

Darn, I was hoping to see a couple Pro orders posting dates today…

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Just one so far.

And nothing in the week since. I’m curious as to whether it’s that they’re now shipping in some quantity, but we’re not seeing it because a small percentage of overall customers are active on social media, or it’s that very very few units are shipping.


I think very few units have shipped so far because out of the small sample of users with entries on the spreadsheet there are a lot more first day buyers without units than with. That means they are not very far through the first day orders yet.


Spreadsheet sample sizes or no, posted shipping info and scant social media posts kind of suggest that things are squeaking out of the warehouse at a much slower run rate than we either hoped or would have been led to believe. By choosing not to publish statistics, it’s a silent admission that the statistics are not great.

When we talked to Dan at Maker Faire bay area in late May, he looked us both in the eye amd told us we had a pretty good shot at getting our 9/26 Pro order in time for art projects for this year’s Burning Man (an art festival that takes place at the end of August). It feels like either he was stringing us along with a lie, or is really having antough time with manufacturing logistics. We are excited, but deeply comcerned.