Power cycles during boot

Happened for the second time today. Turn on the GF, and about as soon as it starts the MRI-style tapping, it powers down and immediately back on again. Everything is off - lights, fan, etc. for about 1/2 second, then it fires up and has been working fine.

Should I be concerned? Am I going to have to send my beauty back?

Typically does this when the unit does a firmware update. If it does this repeatedly, let support know.

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Interesting! Thx…

It has been mentioned that they need to be plugged into the receptacle, not a smart socket, power strip, or other item.

Not sure if this affects you, but worth pointing out.

Textbook firmware update behavior. Unless it repeats, you’re almost certainly fine.

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Is there any way for us to know when our firmware has been updated?

Our Glowforge has rebooted twice in the past few days (once was at startup), so it would be nice to be able to either confirm it was an update, or eliminate that possible cause to investigate others.

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They only update the firmware once every month or two. The most recent update came out on January 8; the previous one was back in November. So one of your reboots might have been the firmware update, but not both.

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If you hear the ticking in the head, it is running the ‘hunt’ action (the first part of the homing cycle). During this action, it acquires an ‘update lock’ which prevents the firmware updater from performing an upgrade.

The hunt cycle homes the focus, delivering those ticks in a total of 6 groups (tick-tick-tick, pause, tick-tick-tick, pause, etc… six times). and runs about 10 seconds.

If it reboots while that ticking is going on in the head, there is something else wrong. It is not likely a firmware update happening.

If it happened after it completed, its possible that the updater took over after the hunt action released the lock, but before the next step in the homing sequence started.


Hmmm… definitely happened during the focus routine both times.

It is plugged directly into an outlet, which just FYI has been used to power some beefy tools and such, so I don’t think it’s a power problem - also, my panel was updated with GFCI and overload sensing breakers, so I’m relatively sure it’s not (external) power related.

Guess I’ll keep an eye on it.

Good Intel from your spelunking. Thanks!:slight_smile:


I’m sorry for the late reply, @eflyguy. Have you experienced this behavior again since you started this thread? If so, could you please let me know the date and time it most recently happened so we can investigate further?

Thank you!

I have not, but also have been away for about a week. If it happens again, I will note the date/time and post here. Pretty sure I had used it a number of times since without issue.

Happened just now (~13:30 EST). I was away all of last week, so it’s been at least 10 days since I last used it (and was unplugged that entire time)…

It “rebooted” as soon as the louder “clunk” happened after the regular “tap tap tap” “click click click” focus procedure. I paid careful attention and that same sequence, followed by the same “clunk”, occurred after the reboot, but then it continued on to a different sound, and all appears well.

So was there an update in the last week or so that would trigger the reboot? Would be nice if those things were announced so we could expect it to happen.

Thank you @eflyguy for the info and feedback. We’ve been investigating this. There are quite a few things that can be responsible, from an update, to a building power fluctuation to a Wi-Fi network challenge. It’s also possible there’s a bug - I will make sure the team investigates.