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Supplies: Proofgrade 1/4" Acrylic & 1/8" Walnut Hardwood - Op Time: 1/4" Acrylic @ 450 LPI 10mins - 1355 LPI 37mins - Walnut Hardwood @ 450 LPI 10 mins.

I want to start this post with- I hate Blender. It’s seems overly complex. I am sure it’s good at what it does. But damn.


Fusion 360.





The inverted one is my fav.

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I haven’t even started thinking about 3D engraves. Now I’m really drooling. Yep, you pushed the bar higher again!


Wow, you guys are turning out so much stuff and it is killing me. The wait time until I get my GF is taking forever. You make the coolest stuff. :smiley:


I like the acrylic one also, I can see making acrylic tops for small round wooden boxes I make on my lathe,
or sliding tops for square boxes. Thanks for the great idea.
Blender, another program, you guys are making my brain hurt.


Nice. Im jealous. I cant get anywhere close to 3d engraving acrylic with my tube. Cant wait til I can! Looks awesome.


Is this because your on an older beta unit?


kind of but not really he has a pru however it was part of a bad batch of tubes that had some sag in power under long uses

looks nice


yup. I can 3d engrave softer materials like wood, but on acrylic it just stipples the top layer and doesnt really remove any material.

It looks as if theyre still dither 3d engraves too which is why these are so textured. They should be smooth according to the depth map. They do look pretty cool though. The decision to turn over the acrylic ones was spot on. They look really cool from the other side.


Thats amazing!!! I so can’t wait to play!!!


The inverted acrylic is not something I had thought about… really nice! :clap::clap:


The inverted piece did come out really cool. Well, actually they all did. Really exciting to see more engravings.


Wow, those are great! I really like the inverted one too. Thanks for sharing them!


Yea, Blender can be that way. It’s feature set is crazy - full fledged 3D animation plus a game engine, plus you basic 3d modeling and rigging. Makes it overly complicated at times.

Love your experiment. Can’t wait till I can run something like this myself and see it with my own eyes. Too often photos only go so far :wink: Keep up the good work, it’s appreciated!


Sorry for a question that might be obvious - what exactly was the Blender step for? I followed the rest of the workflow, but that one confused me. :slight_smile:


Blender was used to take the 3D model and create a depth map.


My jaw literally dropped when I saw those. Beautiful work man.


Excellent, thanks! :+1:


The raster was @ 1355 LPI. The text was 675 LPI.


Edges look sweet as does the rest!


man, these look nice. Giving me all kinds of ideas I want to try out. To be honest I’m surprised the acrylic is engraving (3D) as well as it is. It really gives it a nice sense of depth.