Pre Release: Brewery stamp inspired by @rebecca

After seeing @rebecca’s coaster stamp:

I got inspired to make my own stamp tonight. @joe, I freakin forgot to reverse it again! Well luckily I remembered just after I started… Need to make a sign above the laser…

So using the inventables 2x3 linoleum on wood block stamp material, made a stamp for my colleagues brewery. Man does the spew recondense on the lower part of the block. I engraved at 1%/85. I made the block a smidge bigger than the linoleum so it engraved the sides flat. I slightly missed on the left side so just shaved the tiny ridge with a razor. The condensed spew was so deep (watch the movie and you can see it build up) I hit it with the air blast on my compressor, then cleaned the surface with an alcohol wipe.

To make the logo I took the regular logo, turned the type into outlines in AI, drew a black filled box around it, and then using pathfinder did an exclude and ended up with a nice inverted logo. Then on the second time around remembered to reflect it mirror, so it makes a stamp…

Enjoy the spew storm…


Jeez. What was the run time?

How did you clean it up after?


Excellent. Rubber does the same thing. The ash builds up fierce on the trailing edge. Required cleaning of glass to because of fog. But great results.


About 20 minutes. I only did it at 340dpi. It seemed OK to be slightly lower res in this case since A) 340 is pretty good and B) it’s a brewery stamp for a guy who mostly makes things like jalapeño flavored brews, etc so a tad edgy is good.

I hit it with the air blast on my compressor, then cleaned the surface with an alcohol wipe.


Your stamp is fantastic. I bet your friend will be thrilled with it.

The ash that builds up is something, eh? To make a stamp, quite a bit of material needs to be lasered away.


Silicone too…
This turned out really nice @henryhbk. I must get me some of this linoleum…


Awesome! I love that everybody is making stamps nowadays. We’ll turn you into stampers yet.

But I wanna see the stamped image!


The video’s not working for me again! :frowning:

OK this is really weird. The video was working for me earlier (this is not an upload but in fact is a vimeo link). It worked last night, then this morning failed, so I repasted the link and it worked again for a while, now back out… WTF?

Here is a link.


Thanks for the direct link.

Tried the original video in Chrome, Firefox, IE and Edge and none were happy.

and now it is back… WTF???


Refreshed the page (in Chrome) and it worked.

I did notice that the link momentarily changed (the direct link) as I positioned the mouse over it.

Also, all the browsers see it now. :confounded:

I simply pressed edit and then save-edit. It basically is unchanged, but sure… Seems like a discourse bug…

Awesome stamp! I’m really looking forward to creating stamps for making cards.

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Worked for me yesterday but today the embedded version says “No video with supported format and MIME type found.”. The link works.

Likewise here.

Not sure when it went away a 2nd time, but as of 1355 GMT it is back to being non-functional.

So, so weird. And I bet if I simply press edit and save the video will work for some time as well…

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yep. @dan, any idea why discourse is doing this?

Thanks Henry, that worked great :slight_smile:

Still can’t see the original though. I’m in Opera on the Mac. Doesn’t work in Safari either.

I’m on a mac in safari too. I can make it work by edit/save, but it seems to last for a few hours… No idea what that means (since that’s a lifetime in computer time, but short as far as timeouts for links, no idea what this behavior is)