Pre-Release Candidates Named



So I heard from @Rita last night asking if I’d like to try out a pre-release unit.

Signed the agreement and sent my address in. Lots of fun in store here. So much to share, but I wanted to let folks know that it’s real and it’s spectacular.

She said it was ok to share the news. Anyone else get contacted? I’ve made it a wiki for those who wish to share the news. You can put your username up here (at least until we get the limit for that.)

Edit: changed title to singular candidate. If anyone got the announcement and wants to share, then we can see that there are others right away so they can edit topic title and remove this paragraph.

Norm and Adam at Tested

I woke up with VISIONS OF GLOWFORGE on the brain

D’aww :frowning: I gots no email.

Gratz to you though :squee: It’ll be nice to see you make a few of the things you have already planned.


Lucky you! Report to us the neat things you make, if you’re able to. - Rich




You were high on my list of who might get the Golden Email. So happy for you!


aww. lol have fun!




Congrats! I’ll continue living vicariously I guess.


Wow I could only wish I was so lucky, congrats!


Congratulations! We can’t wait to hear your reports!



Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. :grin:


Congrats! Based on the policy around Glowforge still owning the pre-release units I’d be surprised if any end up North for the 49th Parallel so test well… and quickly… :slight_smile:


Congratulations on the selection. You should make a good guinea pig :grinning:

You also had me checking my spam folder, just in case, but no joy there. It’s good to hear that the pre-release units are starting to ship. Did they give you any idea when yours would go out or when it would arrive?


I was up all night checking email for instructions. Was ten minutes late to morning services!:kissing_cat:


No email for me…maybe some emails haven’t gone out yet…here’s hoping :slight_smile:


Sounds like you will need to laser a few Hail Mary’s :innocent:


Squeeeeeeeee! Happy for you! :smile:


Congratulatons! (Am I the only person who immediately went and checked my spam folder just in case?)


I would also like to point out that Missouri is plenty far from Seattle.

Great news.


Your news made me feel very happy for you! Exciting!