Pre Release: Cat Room Sign



Watch out he’s going Cat-atonic! (see what I did there?). As the cat perch installation went on, the issue of the dog vs. cat door sign.

So quick trip to photoshop and then illustrator and traced a cat outline, and made a 3 in the middle of it to cut out.

I cut it inside line out of proof grade black 1/8" acrylic and the 3 inset out of 1/8" proof grade frosted white acrylic. I had never before welded acrylic. First task was opening the stupid jar. What a pain in the butt (cut into metal cover and pry out (I had a feeling some acetone might splash, so had safety goggles on even before getting ready to use it). Luckily only on my hands (someone is going to kill me for my snark, long before whatever cancer that will cause occurs! :grin:)

Anyway, then set about A) filling the little dispenser bottle (WHY DIDN’T I BRING A PIPETTE HOME???) anyway managed to get a few CCs into the bottle. Then B) ever so gently attempted to get a single drop… WTF? why does it run out the needle - luckily onto paper towel? Anyway figured out you could run a few drops onto the towel and a tiny drop remained. C) Touched that to the joint, and voila! And D) Put a clamp on it just to hold it for a few minutes…

I personally would want the frosted to be a bit more frosted, but it’s pretty good as is.

A little VHB tape on the back and we’re a go.


Acetone is generally believed to be only slightly toxic and unlikely to be carcinogenic.


Oh good. Gotta give the kitties equal treatment! Looks great!

Do you have access to those micropipettes that are used for thin layer chromatography? Bet that would work.


Your description of your experience with the can, filling and spewing out the needle cracked me up…pretty much the experience I had too…its definitly a learning curve. Now I weld like a boss…lmao. Although I use Weldon which is more toxic than acetone I guess…I use that on my coated cups though…I ain’t dead yet so…


Oh, yeah, it’s actually weldon… (#4 I think)

that was mostly a joke… Although it is explosive… So good that I had a 3D printer and laser cutter going nearby!