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Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending February 25th, 2017

Oh, that is just beautiful! (Dang, you’re beyond expert with that baby!)



Very nice!
That style I have always liked. The circle defining the image with aspects protruding beyond the ‘frame’ as it were. Draws you into the subject while giving a perception of depth and dimension. :heart:


Awesome. Dang - so many photos I want to run through this thing!!




@takitus, this is beautiful. Haunting done like this. Question: most of your engraves seem to me transverse or tangential to the grain. Have you done any specific tests on the same hardwood with different grain orientations? What do you think?
I know it depends upon what you want of the finished object.


Noted the dragon medallions posted on Facebook are oriented differently. Nice contrast. Makes a difference. How about in same wood?


(sigh) I hate you.

Not really, just really really jealous at the moment ;D


Women & Firearms…two of God’s most precious gifts to humankind…

:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Looking very nice! Is this your design/artwork?


“God created all of humankind…but Sam Colt made them equal.”



The wood grain almost makes it seem like it’s raining. Very appropriate for the image. So much to love about this!


I don’t get the gun obsession here!


Oh, this isn’t obsession, this is just mild curiosity, I could point you towards some real gun obsession :smile:


Being from the UK, I have never felt the compulsion to shoot things! I think the NRA must be putting something in your cornflakes!


Hah, is that an RPG on the floor at the bottom of the shot? =P


Yes lol


Nothing more satisfying then pulling the trigger on a 12 gauge and watching a clay pigeon explode


Very jealous of this collection


That photo just came off of google :wink: my friends probably wouldn’t like their stash advertised. For me guns are simply fun, even if I’m not hunting. Shooting skeet, or just shooting cans is a great fun way to test your marksmanship. [quote=“ian, post:15, topic:6201”]
I think the NRA must be putting something in your cornflakes!
No, I was simply raised to respect and use fire arms responsibly. In Most parts of Texas it’s just part of the culture (and nothing like what you see in the movies)