Pre-Release | Guardians of the Galaxy



This exercise required both photoshop and illustrator. And this is the highest resolution engrave I’ve done to date (670 LPI).

The front panel is 1/8" acrylic and the back is 1/4" cedar. It was getting late last night, so I didn’t get a chance to make the frame and set up the LEDs.

Weekly Highlights for the Week of January 1, 2017

Lovely work! Very similar to some of the stuff i want to experiment with.


So badass. Mixed material makes things so much cooler! Awesome!!!


Wow that cedar is just stunning! I can’t wait to play with some color inlay on wood.


I love the cedar. I use it all the time for CNC stuff. I love the smell of awesome when it gets cut.


I think this is my favorite of your work so far. Nice work.
I would love to see it edge lit.


Can’t wait to see the star trek project that wood seems to have been used for too :grin:


Fantastic but I must know how you got the light color for the body of the spaceship?



Was that wood laminated? The light ship parts were peeled off?


Very inspiring…another todo…thank you.


Looks like it may be the masking paper still on the ship after peeling it away from the rest of the surface. I have to say I really like the way it looks with that still on there!


This is amazing. Thank you for sharing.


I think you’re right. Glad that you posted because I was trying to figure it out. I think it looks awesome like that with the lighter color.


I am looking forward to getting my GF so I can work on hickory :grin: Gotta know that smells good!


Great to see your combination of layers, materials, and design–not that you aren’t always inspiring. Thanks for sharing this with us!


Love the mixed material design. Can’t wait to see it lit.


very cool. Looking forward to that movie. I especially like the cedar. I like that the char from the etch was dark enough to still give really good contrast on an already dark(er) wood. And I totally agree, cedar just smells awesome. Of course, it also reminds me of the inside of my humidor, so that could have something to do with it :smile:


That reminds me I’ll need to grab some cedar planks or shingles from Home Depot/Lowes next time I’m there just to have something to experiment with. See what I can do with it for future real projects.

That’s the advantage of winter here - don’t do much motorcycling so it gives me time to play inside :slight_smile:


Literally just watched the trailer for Guardians 2 for the umpteenth time and popped over here to see this.
Amazing. Both apart and together they are awesome.


WHOA!!! SWEET!! I love the engraved wood behind the engraved acrylic! Never would’ve thought of that and it looks so incredible!!! Can’t wait to play with this kind of thing myself!!!