Pre-Release | Happy Pi Day



Supplies: Proofgrade 1/8" frosted acrylic - Op time: 20mins

Happy Pi Day.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending March 18th, 2017

Ha! I just love this. Are you going to light it up? It looks great!!


Wasn’t planning on that…Hrmm.

I gave it to my wife as a desk ‘thingy’ at work.


Is the background a wingding of the numbers that make pi or something? Or just random?

Looks awesome!


Didn’t you count??? There are 3,142 of them! :sweat_smile:


I am looking at the background pattern and don’t see the pattern duplicated. How did you do that?:slight_smile:


Very nice. See how a glowforge can make every day just that much better :smile:


I’m struggling today.

Should a be enjoying Pi day or celebrating 30 years of marriage :couplekiss:. It’s good to be able to do both.


Very nice!! (what is the sizeof it? I first thought it was big like a place mat until I saw it being cut next to the Proofgrade ™ code).


Congrats! in 1 year and 51 days it will be your PiVersary!



(Never heard of Pi day before joining this group…guess I’m not as much of a nerd as i thought I was!) :smile:

Congrats on making 30 years! (Definitely celebrate the anniversary!)


Interesting how many people don’t understand Pi day (the 3.14 reference). I’m officially declaring that March 21st be known as “Blast-off” day ! Get the word out :grinning:) :rocket:


Thinking of Pi Day… this year Pi Day is on a Wednesday.

Many restaurants/diners have free Pie with Entree on Wednesdays.

I know of Shari’s, Baker’s Square, O’Charley’s and Village Inn.

Sure, it isn’t as awesome as baking your own… but for those not kitchen-inclined, or just too busy mid week… Enjoy.

(Our youngest son celebrated his personal Pi Day there a few months back. Everyone was quite confused when we told the family what we were doing ;))


Pi Day is today! Its Tuesday!


And isn’t Wednesday the Ides of March?


Now you just made his week a day longer :grin:


unless hes from the future…

Jacob! When does the first release unit ship?!


Et tu, Brute?


Happy 30th anniversary! And happy pi day, though 30th anniversaries only come around once and pi day stands a good chance is happening every year :smile:


Being a programmer at heart, I’ve celebrated the “power of two” anniversaries with my wife since we were married. Second, fourth, eighth, sixteenth, …

The next one will be our 64th in 2045. Maybe I should have selected something a bit less exponential.