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Supplies: Proofgrade 1/8" Walnut - Op Time: 1hr 8mins


Exhaust from outside. Booster disabled.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 1st, 2017



looks really nice. I’d love to see it in a cherry or other redish wood (is there a naturally orange wood?) to go with the HD colors.




It’s gorgeous! Whatcha gonna do with it?


Family friend who’s in the hospital.


I like the grain orientation, it gives a sense of speed :sunglasses:


Nice catch! I didn’t notice till you mentioned that and I usually catch that stuff!


That is outstanding!


I want to make “motorcycles” stand out in the lighter color.

If I were to bet, selling HD stuff at craft fairs, meet-ups, rides, etc. will make people more money than anything else made on the GF


Osage Orange has a nice orange tone, hence its name. It’s available in small sizes and high prices.

Peach is another lovely, orangish wood. However, I’ve never seen it for sale anywhere except as turning stock, and then only from private individuals.


Doesn’t that uhhh… completely trample all over copyright?


Harley is one of the companies that comes down hard and fast on infringement. Up there with Disney.


Yes it does. Will it stop people? No.


I’ve no doubt.

Oh, I know. I was being a little sarcastic. I need to stop that! :slight_smile: People probably shouldn’t suggest on these forums that infringing on copyright could be a good thing. Probably goes against forum guidelines. And I don’t know all of the rules. Nor am I the police. I believe it’s the selling part that gets people cease and desist orders and fines. But what do I know.

Anyway… Don’t want anybody to get in trouble here or in the real world. :slight_smile:


Definitely! I live in Syracuse, grew up here, went to SU, and am a HUGE 'Cuse fan!! And i KNOW the NCAA and SU are the same on their logos and teams! Researching licensing isnt easy!!


No doubt. But if you ever go to those types of events you’ll see what I mean. As noted by others, it won’t stop people.

I personally won’t be doing it, and don’t condone it, but with how well the GF works with leather I’d be very surprised to not see it happen.


Oh, sure! I wonder how people get away with it! I feel like if I tried, I’d definitely be the one that gets slapped down for it.


Yup!! People with morals are also paranoid!!! Fully agree with you! Odds are not in your favir!


Very creative composition. Walnut veneer that has a standoff between it and maple ply? Dimensionality and texture and as noted, the grain direction is the kicker.