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Supplies: Glass from a dollar store picture frame & Proofgrade 1/8" Cherry Ply - Op Time: 27mins



Is there potential for the glow to be able to cut and engrave glass/woods etc
Weekly Highlights for the Week ending April 8th, 2017

I really like how some of the hair has come out a different shade from the rest of the engraving. Why is that?


Damn! Beautiful!


Glass! What an excellent idea and a great test.
Thank you




Absolutely stunning! The shading you are getting on both the glass and the cherry is remarkable!


Really like how the glass turned out.


The shading turned out beautifully. I am wanting to do this type of engraving when I get my gf. :relaxed:


Beautiful! An amazing example that answered my questions about using glass…


A while back I’ve used glass before.


So incredibly gorgeous! Once again, blowing my mind and amped up to get mine!


Might be because he made it through the outer layer of the ply into the middle material.


That is very, very cool!


I like that…I like that a lot! :smiley: Great idea!


Another great glass etch and idea.

I spent years trying to perfect a technique for painting oils on glass (with mostly limited success i confess) but my fascination with the medium has not stopped.
These projects have got my glass-mojo running hot though