Pre-Release | Light as a feather



Supplies: Proofgrade Cherry 1/8" Plywood - Op time: 6 mins

‘It’s who’s birthday today? They are coming over when?’

I am sure some of us have utter those words. But with the Glowforge, you can make last minute gifts that are still unique and handmade. (That… Sounded like an ad. Sorry- But it’s true.)

This project was dead simple. I started out with a quick google search of a feather (She has this thing for Ikarus) and dumped it in Illustrator.

Yeah- normally I’d use F360. But I had the lazys today. Used the Image trace tool and truncated the stuff I didn’t want. <5 mins. Then off to the Glowforge.

Pretty simple.

Added LED goodness.

I like it.

Bonus footage. Cardboard getting cut.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending March 18th, 2017

I LOVE watching this kinda stuff, though for some reason it makes me check the calendar. Hmmm


I like it too, and thanks for the preview of your next project!

I think all those free vector clip art sites I bookmarked are gonna come in handy.


This is my favorite kind of thing. Idea, sketch, boom - something awesome people cherish.


Ingenious! This is the kinda thing that I keep thinking about. Sure, I want to make some awesome stuff just for me, but more than anything I find myself thinking about all these sweet, unique gifts I could create for this person, or that person… People I’d never think to do something normal like a gift card for and suddenly I can’t wait to cut this perfect item just for them with the Glowforge. Thanks for sharing—I was waiting to see what you etched into it, then saw just the woodgrain and thought, “Whoa! So simple, and even better than I was imagining.” And then LED’s? I’m gonna have to stock up on those like nobody’s business.


Being able to create something so beautiful this fast is like magic… Magicforge :glowforge:


My favorite thing about this is how clean it came out. I can never do thought->product like this on the 3D printer and have it look so pretty! 3D printer for me is always going to be something that produces functional items. the forge produces ART


Very, very nice. It’s fun to see how fast you can go from concept to finished item sometimes.


Very simple and pretty! The LEDs make it feel elegant too. Nice job.


lovely feather light!

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 1st, 2017

Bing, Bam, Boom!
Looks great! I love feathers too. I have an extensive collection now, since I was a kid…

Really like the leds. Can you share a shot of the back? If you have one…


I love the feather! And it’s lit. Fantastic!


I’d love to see how the back is done as well.


Great quick present. Can you explain the cardboard design?


I see what you did there.