Pre-Release | Marble Madness



Engrave Marble? Check.

675 lpi @ 17mins

Weekly Highlights for the Week of January 1, 2017
Engraving marble works great!

Sweeeet! :sunglasses:


Time to start cutting into my local Canadian shield…

Awesome job!

I got to extra marble countertops from my old job for free. If they don’t end as my outdoor kitchen counters, they are ending up in my forge .


Was that engraved just straight on the marble, or did you have to pre-treat it with something like cermark?


Now I want to make a cheese logo stamper out of marble, so when people come over for wine, cheese, and boardgame night I can have absurd things stamped into it! haha


As is. Dropped in and pressed the button.


I was just watching the latest episode of This Old House and they went to a marble quarry and I was thinking that this would be fun to try! Thanks for trying this!




That is so cool! I haven’t tried marble - did it just discolor, or did it remove material?


Granted, I’m just guessing, but zooming no in on the photo it actually looks like it took a layer off…if that’s true I wonder what multiple passes might do? :smile:


how big is it?


Its ~ the width of the glowforge head. (~4.5in)

looks like my guess was a bit off. 3.75 as mentioned below. oops




Awesome! That opens up the field of engravable objects even more!


Awesome! I was very tempted to buy some clearance marble cutting boards the other day, now I might have to go back.


To be honest, I had thought this topic was referring to something else :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Now this is totally awesome…add>>>Todo.


ugh those games haha


Removal. I’ll grab my depth gauge later and get a measurement.


3.75" sqaure.