Pre-Release | Mutsuki's Bee



As a new beekeeper, I wanted to use the Glowforge to print out something to do with honeybees. In Thingiverse, I found Mutsuki’s bee and decided to give it a try.

I used Proofgrade maple hardwood for this project. It cut perfectly on the first try.

Below is the attribution information from the file I downloaded. Click the attribution for a link to the project description and files. Personally, I choose to tip a designer whenever I download a file and print it (when available). :slight_smile:


Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending March 18th, 2017

It looks beautiful. Really nice work!


truly gorgeous - thx for sharing!


I am very thankful to all who are willing to share files. I can’t even imagine how long it took Mutsuki to make the original design and for sahrchitect to revise it.

I, for one, can’t wait for the GF design catalog. I am more than happy to pay for files especially now that I know how complicated and time consuming they are to create.


Your bee looks great. The darkened edges of the wood enhance the total look of the project. I can’t wait to make some myself. :relaxed:


Excellent! It’s great to see an example of printing Thingaverse designs so folks know the Glowforge design catalog won’t be the only choice for pre-made designs. Thanks for sharing!


This turned out great! really like the legs and wings on it! Makes me wonder if you can fill the holes in the wings with yellow or black acrylic


0oooo, I bet it would work…I just may try that soon…great idea. Thanks!!


You could totally do alternating black and yellow acrylic for the body pieces too


no doubt! was thinking the same!

Now that im thinking about it I dont see yellow acrylic too often. I know I have some in the shop, but they are small pieces.


That looks so sharp…(and I think I’ve got that one pinned somewhere on Pinterest - might have to see if I can dig it up!) :smiley:


This cut and assembled beautifully. The designer created one of the best looking insect puzzles I’ve ever seen. Not usually a fan of the hobby shop insect and dinosaur laser figures, but this one is definitely designer display worthy. Something I will get to cut and tip the designer to encourage more sharing.


I love that design. Thanks for sharing.


Do you suppose they all fit together by press-fit or with glue? The slots on the wings seem short for an interference fit.


Oh, I LOVE this! Would love to try something like this in a more weatherproof material, and hang it in my garden :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing this, and also for being so appreciative of designers.


Wow, this is really nice.

So many cool things in the hopper for future projects.


1/8" Acrylic?


Yeah, I was thinking acrylic. Possibly something with interesting color or play of light effects? Funny, I haven’t paid much attention to acrylics (I’m most interested in organic materials) but seeing this changed that!


That’s where I got the acrylic for the bracelets.


That’s great! I’ll have to do the same. I have good friends who keep bees on their ranch. I think this year I’ll pay for my honey with one of these. :slight_smile: