Pre-Release - Sea Scene


My girlfriend was really curious about how well the glowforge handled grayscale engraving, so we wanted to try to see if we could get everything into one file and how that would work out. Can it do vector and raster in one file? Turns out it works great!

Here is the original drawing she made that I took a photo of and pulled into illustrator

I applied a compound masking path to it and copied the path to serve as the cut line to give it a bit of a border

I saved it as an SVG, imported it to the GF UI and it engraved the drawing in greyscale mode as it would if you imported an image otherwise, and then cut it out. No hitches.

Heres the final result:

Greyscale engrave
Weekly Highlights for the Week of January 1, 2017

Wow! Just wow! :relaxed:




Omg that definitely sells the GF a bit more


These types of projects (engraved illustrations essentially “die cut”) are one of my favorite projects for the Glowforge. Maybe more so because I could not draw to save my life! Very nice!


That is so beautiful… would be awesome in edge lit acrylic!


oooooo… I might have to revisit this… good idea!


I really like the way she did those waves.


Thanks man! Me too! Shes a pretty talented artist. Shes definitely going to put the trace function to much better use than I ever could.


That is really an outstanding drawing and fantastic result, keep up the great work.


This is too amazing.


Lovely work!


Fan-freaking-tastic!!! :yum:


Thanks for the experimenting and documenting. :smiley:


Fantastic. Just brings the art to life. :grin:


I actually thought that feature didn’t work yet. So I’m doubly delighted to see that. :slight_smile:


That’s fan-frickin-tabulous!!!


This is amazing and makes me very excited about some of my projects. I’m not nearly as talented as your girlfriend, but I have a number of drawings that I want to convert over to engraves when I get my forge. It sounds like it will be a fairly painless experience.


Very cool. Looks like I need to learn some basic Illustrator :slight_smile:


Wow! You just seriously amped up my excitement level for the GF!