Pre-Release | Twin Dragons - Padauk and Yellowheart


3d engraved and cross mounted in the others border

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending February 25th, 2017
March 2017 update

They sure made a great decision to send you a GF. I really love the Padauk. - Rich


Both came out great, but man, that padauk really takes it to the next level.


Oh, goodness! That’s GORGEOUS!


what’s the scale on these?


5.25 inches across


cheers, thanks.


Very smart use of materials. great job.


Oh yeah…one day we’ll all be able to try that! Fantastic job! :hedgie: :hedgie: :hedgie:


Yeah i cant believe how well it engraves! perfect for this particular use…
The yellowheart on the other hand, will be amazing for the wheat tile in catan! It also engraves really well, I just have to find one that isnt so faded


I absolutely love the idea of using 2 different colors of wood. I’m hoping to take a pattern, like one of these: and cut it in two different woods (or veneers), then reassemble so in one case the darker wood is background and lighter foreground and vice-versa. Seems like a great way to not have any “scraps”.


Very Yin and Yang. Something to hang on opposite sides of a room.


Padauk is awesome!


Ah you definitely should! I really was considering cutting out all the backing pieces of these, but there were too many small ones, and it ended up darkening up nicely, but I definitely want to try something more mixed!


+1 on this!!

I picked up a bunch at the local Rockler for milling, so I can’t wait to use it up.

Your engraving looks lovely, with some cool depth to it; very old looking. Love it!


Those are beautiful! Really fine work!


Holy cow!


Now that’s the stuff.

Yellowheart is what I made my wheat tile out of, too.


Quick question @takitus, is this also an example of inlay, or is this just a picture and a border? either way this still looks fantastic!


I just cut an extra ring around the piece as I was cutting them out and swapped the rings. Was planning on doing one in Purple Heart until I realized I didn’t have a piece that big! Next time … =)