Preparing your print...Uploading frozen

Tonight I was testing an engrave and cut. I setup a single svg in illustrator with 3 layers. 1 engrave and 2 cuts. I wanted to test how the engrave looked before cutting so I ignored the cuts and hit print. It worked perfect. Right after the print I waiting until it had finished cooling and just went back to the GFUI and turned on the cuts and ignored the engrave. I hit print and it went to the scanning your material page. The cancel button is greyed out but nothing has happened. My guess is just some kind of error.

This kind of thing can happen. It is now probably going to mess up my cut because I will have to turn it off and then back on and try to line up the artwork with the engrave. It never works exactly, however, if you have coordinates within the GFUI we could just reload the artwork and type in an x,y and boom we are back in business. Is that something that is feasible? We need a way to re setup our artboards after any upload.

Thank you

Before you do that open another browser window, go to the app.glowforge page, pick a project (anyone) and you should get the GFUI with an activated cancel and you can kill the job. Then go back to the original and retry the cut operation. You won’t have to try lining anything up.


Good idea. I will try this and see. Sadly I just setup a new print for now.

Thank you so much.

Interesting idea. I’m guessing you’ve been there before. :wink:
Hope it never happens to me, but if it does… I’m gonna hatch it.

Yep, that usually works. :slight_smile:

If it doesn’t then the next step would be to hit Print on the new/second job (unhung one), wait for the button to glow and then cancel. Then the hung up one should be back live again.

If that doesn’t work then waving a rubber chicken over your head while you dance in th moonlight will usually make you feel better.

Or single-malt. :wink:


I’m so sorry to hear this happened. I’m looking into it.

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