Preventable Quality Concerns

Thanks for posting this and letting us know your concerns. I appreciate your honest feedback.

1 & 2. We are doing our best to address these issues at the source.
3. The lid fit variation is one that we’ve been seeing on these first machines - it won’t affect operation in any way.
4. Like @Jules said, in the unlikely case that you need to use the box for a warranty issue, please tape up the box and let us know.


You have to take it with a grain of salt. Engineers and line workers like to throw barbs and blame at each other any chance they get. At the end of the day though, when the assembly line has a non-conformance issue and accepts root cause, the solution is still usually traced back to engineering whether it’s a design change to simplify, or build tooling/fixturing to ease assembly, or provide the proper training and procedures.


Wow, did I let the unicorn out?

I have a legitimate concern here, I am surprised the great minds of this place are not engaging in this conversation, they have nothing to say or maybe no one cares if their forge turns into a paperweight at some point, when you will be scratching your head and scrambling on what you need to do or where you need to go.

Or do you already know what you will do?

Maybe you have so much money, you don’t care that it would cost a lot to send it and repair it through GF because you are rich like that and don’t concern yourself with such minutia, then you can keep scrolling.

I have had this on my mind for some time, but I was not going to ask until the warranty was close to ending. For me, asking for the schematics of the board or general repair and for troubleshooting, and identifying different parts of the unit is not like asking for the full blueprints of the GF itself. It is only when I took a good look at my forge and saw how the tube was installed, it occurred to me, that this does not look like plug and play. I hope I am wrong.

Instead of waiting until my warranty almost ends to asking now and planning for the future

Some people prefer to not concern themselves with these things, they may continue to stick their heads in the sand, I want to know what I am going to do ahead of time in case something happens to my forge, after the warranty ends, when it comes time to change the tube,or any other maintenance other than keeping it clean and maintaining the lens.

Will we be able to have instructions for a local technician to install a replacement tube or are GF going to insist we send it to them and pay a lot for it.

What will our options be.
As silly as I am, I am also a realist, and after seeing my pretty forge, I need to know NOW what I will need to do if/when something happens at the end of the warranty.

Put in an 7 year stretch at Beech Aircraft back in the early 70’s. I admit that this was the ONLY place I ever worked where engineers and assembly (or mechanic types) were not at each other’s throat playing the blame game when things went south.
When a problem arose, there were almost too many people looking and pondering the fastest/best way past it. Never saw any fingers pointed there, just a ‘make it right’ mentality.
Perk of being involved in a family run enterprise I imagine.

Disclaimer: I was in tooling so I have to admit that we were in between the engineers and assembly people and were always bouncing between the areas. One group thought stuff up an we gave them jigs to make it real. The other group 'hammered to fit” and we gave them blinking lights and fancy toggles to make sure the items were not hammered to destruction. (Hammer To Fit was a running joke. They actually had superior quality control)


The reality is that at this point in time GF has not published ANY details of the design. Won’t speak for anyone else but just because I might want it doesn’t mean it’s worth my time to fight for it. There is a possibility when or if they decide to allow 3rd party support. Feel free to try.

That ship sailed as soon as you accepted delivery. You “want” to know for the future.


Now THAT is fantastic advice. :slight_smile:


I think some are not realizing the difference of mechanical specs and design specs. Design specs is something no company would share like the PCBA itself or the head. But if those were replaceable then mechanical specs would help properly remove and put in a new one.

I wouldn’t share any specs now as you already see competitors trying to get into the same market. I would share specific parts later when people asks after the warranty runs out.


I thought I read somewhere in one of the monthly announcement that there would be a way for us to replace the tubes ourselves. (I’ll look for it). They have to provide some instruction on that.


Someone should release a file to print your own handles.


You’re right, Dan confirmed tubes could be shipped for replacement as an option to sending the machine back for a new tube.
Bunch of technically capable makers here that could manage that and would prefer to tackle the task instead of risking the machine in another round of UPS abuse.

After it was announced that the machine would have to be sent back for tube replacement, the forum erupted in objection. It was a perfect example of the company listening to and responding to customer preference.

I personally dislike the though of shipping the laser back for that service, but - two way shipping, tube replacement and alignment with warranty on parts and workmanship for around $500 sounds very reasonable for those who wouldn’t want to tackle it themselves.


This will definitely be ‘me’. And approx. two years out gives me ample time to stash away the necessary dough for that time in the future.


What I meant was, I need to know as in to prepare.

Not to be someone special, but you knew I did not mean that.

Voicing a concern now. I see unless you have a friend or know an electrical engineer…people are going to be stuck when the issue is more than a replacement bulb.

Even better if those electricians have forges of their own.

Ok…let’s see if anyone from GF has anything to say about future projections if they have any as far as, yes @cindyhodesigns, you put that so eloquently, thank you.

Sometimes I am a little all over the place


Yeah, the only thing I can suggest is ask the question directly in it’s own Topic. Not all that optimistic though.

BTW: I didn’t know you did not mean that. I don’t read emotions or intent well and the capitalization of the word NOW made me interpret it one way. And there are a lot of entitled people on the forum. Don’t know you personally so could only take the words literally.


I am sure thee are several techs here who will be chomping at the bit to open their forge after the warranty.

Won’t that make for interesting threads.

Yeah, when I get home todnight or tomorrow maybe I will start a thread unless someone answers these.

Context, is EVERYTHING.

And many before.

I fully expect that there will be fairly common issues, and many people will come up with do-it-yourself fixes for them. Happens with most products in the Internet age.


Don’t you have your own now?

Why don’t you open it up for us. There are many of us here who would thank you for it.
You are always asking the pointed questions, here is the perfect chance to lead from the front.


Wow, what is your problem?
Why are you trolling me?

What did I do to warrant that? You don’t like me?

We are supposed to be respectful of each other, it is a forum rule isn’t it?

Yes, I have my forge and I LURVE it.


I am posing a legitimate question for others to think about, if you have nothing constructive to add, be mature like most of the rest of the other members who also belong to the we hate PositiveForward fan club off to the side and say nothing, you know, follow by example.

For whom up til now I had thought of as such a smart person, it comes as a surprise that you don’t have something more intelligent to add to this than trying to insult me,or be rude. Well done, now that you feel better,and everyone pats you on the back for your wit, go ahead and feel free to add some intelligent insight to this conversation or keep on scrolling.

There are many people here who should like to at least have a clue to prepare for the future.
Am I saying something wrong here?
Am I taking crazy pills?

Fine, I am sorry I opened up this dialogue. Good luck to those with forges, when it comes time to repair.

Don’t think about protecting that huge investment you made, nooo, pfft!
Wait until the last minute when you actually need help, and you get shocked at what is required.
Then you can park your forge while you take the time it will take to get it sorted.

I, am thinking ahead of time, at some point, I am asking a SMART question.
And if you do not understand the importance of the question I pose, maybe you should get a refund before you get your glowforge. Or maybe you have someone in the outback who will be able to fix that forge without a schematic, ( In Australian accent ) How awesome is that!

I opened this dialogue to help, not to anger or turn people snarky or silent.
Here I was thinking you were all in thought, instead, you are all just waiting to see who is going to take the first shot at me, nice community.

Carry on, the unicorn is back in the cage. See how pretty and shiny it is?
Oooooh unicorn!

This has been announced previously.

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Thank you, of this I am aware, I am more concerned about schematics for more technical issues down the road than the standard bulb replacement which I am happy will be easier than I thought :slight_smile:

Still doing a lot of reading, learning and still trying to catch up. Appreciated.

We haven’t announced any plans to share technical documents yet - if we do, we’ll announce them here. @cindyhodesigns, thank you for the feedback!