Print stopped after an hour.. orange button... ruined more material

After an hour of printing in an airconditioned shop (currently 70 degrees) my glowforge stopped AGAIN and has wrecked another piece of material, costing me hours of work.

I checked the ribbon to the head, not sure what i’m supposed to be looking for.

My glowforge experiment is nearing it’s end.

Now I wait for all the ‘superfans’ to run to glowforge’s rescue and tell me how my $5000 machine is giving me mediocre results and that it’s just fine.

I don’t really even know why I bother to post here… perhaps for therapy. I don’t know.

Literally limping through 6 minute cuts at a time. It gets stuck on “cooling” . Again, it’s 70 degrees, 57 percent humidity, I have a pro and a supplemental exhaust fan. Orange buttons galore…

When was the last time you cleaned your fans abs exhaust run?

I have a 6 inch run and with an in-line fan. It’s as clean as a whistle. Plenty of ventilation happening

Bold strategy to insult anyone who might be tempted to try to help you.

Contact support, see what they can do. Like you said, I don’t know why you bother to post here.


“Bold strategy to literally do exactly what I predicted.”

This… was flagged? My assertions are being proven true faster than I imagined they would be. When does this ‘flagging’ become an abuse?

  1. Quite possibly your black lid cable is wearing out, (which is fortunately user-serviceable), but we can’t really tell here…you’ll need to wait to hear from support once they check your logs.

If you want to run through the alternate checklist though to speed up the back and forth with them, there is a list of things to check here:

Just provide the information to them on what you have checked for, and what the results were.

  1. Or, your air assist fan could need cleaning. Process for that is laid out here:

Any information you can provide up front for what you have checked will speed the resolution process.

Was going to say something similar but you beat me to it.

Given the temperature that you say it is, and that your ventilation is squeaky clean… You may have something else going on. And that, obviously will have to have support intervention and probably a trip back to the mothership for a replacement machine. I’m sure support will be around today soon.

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Hello! @halgrenj I am sorry to hear about the orange button issue you are having. I saw that you had a recent email ticket opened up as well. I went ahead and replied to that email. I look forward to hearing your response. To mitigate any confusion I will go ahead and close this thread post. Thank you for reaching out!