Printer head "jerks" but won't finish Centering

My GF is not working properly. Friday and Saturday I was having trouble cutting through material:

I have cut through this material many times with no issue. On Monday, I decided to clean my air assist fan based upon advice from several different GF support resources in attempt to get cuts how they should be.

After cleaning and reassembling I tried to cut again. However, the GF would not get past the “Centering” step for me to even attempt a cut.

When I turn on the machine, the printer head attempts to center but never does. I have gotten a couple of error messages like “Bumped” and “Head Not Found.” I have attempted a few things to try and fix this issue. Nothing has worked so far. I reached out to GF tech support yesterday but have not heard back from them. Please help!

Here’s what I’ve done:

  • Followed all the advice on this support page with no luck
  • Turned the unit off and on several times
  • Reset the wifi
  • Checked all cable connections
  • Cleaned all lenses at least 3x
  • Cleaned printer head connections and checked connector was secure
  • Moved the printer head to the middle of the unit
    *checked to see if belt was too loose

With the machine turned off, gently move the head until it is centered under the camera on the lid. Then turn it on. This may help reset things.


As mentioned previously, I have already tried that without success

Any chance you flipped the belt the wrong way when reassembling the carriage plate? If it were put back facing the wrong way, the print head would move left when the machine’s trying to move it right, so it wouldn’t be able to center or home. Should be entirely between the two sets of wheels, with the teeth facing inward.


Those teeth can’t face inward because the belt would be twisted

The teeth have to be facing inward. See this photo from Glowforge


The teeth can face inward without the belt being twisted. Pick up the part that’s under your finger and flip it over while bringing it over to the other side of the metal clamp holding the belt to the plate. Then the teeth will be facing inward, and between the wheels where it’s supposed to be. It’ll look like the photo dklgood just posted above.


You have the belt in front of the front carriage wheels. The pic posted by dkl shows where the belt actually runs, and yours looks fine if you flip it over to where it belongs.

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