Printer stuck centering when I power it on, "The camera didn't take a picture"

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About a year ago I moved to Brazil (Sao Paulo) with my precious Glowforge pro. I was a Kickstarter backer, had it for years but frankly I’ve used it pretty lightly, so it looks/feels rather new.

I moved it carefully in the original box. It arrived perfectly — I’ve done several cuts since then, as normal as ever, over the course of months.

1) All of a sudden the printer is now stuck centering when I power it on, “The camera didn’t take a picture”. I have already cleaned all mirrors/lenses. Looks like I might need Black Lid Cable (and how come it’s sold out?)? It does look intact though and the 3 connections on it look solid as well, which is puzzling.

2) I do have another issue that I believe is not correlated, but seems worth mentioning as I also need to fix that… down here in Brazil. I was surprised to see the hinge is apparently glued to the glass… and it looks like my glue has dried out on one side. I can still close the lid normally, but I have to apply pressure to that point manually. Do you pls have instructions for fixing this??

Have some important practical cuts to make for the house, really eager to solve this asap : /

Appreciate the help,

Sorry to hear about all of your troubles. Not sure if you know, but support no longer monitors this forum, so if you haven’t already, you should email them directly at There are many posts about both of the issues you’re experiencing, so I suggest you try doing a search…hopefully, you will find some suggestions about fixing your lid. We wish we did know about the cable being sold out…but, we’re just owners here like yourself. Wishing you good luck.


If you notice that part of the glass moves at the hinge, then raising the lid and using the absolutely smallest amount of CA glue avoiding gluing the lid up, can be life-saving or killing the machine if it locks up the hinge.

If you have one of the original machines, the black cable was a bit short and opening the lid all the way would mess with the cable. With the new cables that part is much longer and there are fewer reports of black cable damage.


Thanks so much for the reply. Already contacted support too but haven’t heard back yet and was really relying on these practical cuts to fix my Leslie 122 speaker at the studio :cry:

@rbtdanforth , thank you so much. It’s a bit sad that the machine construction would rely on glue at that spot. I do need to fix it but am frankly terrified to do it. Shouldn’t I try to remove the old/dry glue first? No idea how though, nor which exact type of glue to use…

I do have a rather early machine. My Black Lid Cable looks fine though — is wear and tear commonly silent, like this, or can you generally spot the damage?

Thanks so much for helping guys, I’m really on my own all the way south now : /

With the older machines if you raise the lid all the way it would strain the lowest bit of the cable separating and then the slightest crack will open the the connection (sometimes working and not working episodically, but eventually not working). So no, basically you will not likely see that crack, but it also informs that such cracks are possible, and what care is needed in installing the new cable so you do not crack it while installing.

Any fiddling will likely make it worse. A few tiny drops of any CA glue will bind the faces and just enough is good enough.

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