Printhead replaced, still stuck on focusing

I’m beyond frustrated at this point. I was having an issue with stuck on Focusing. Diagnosed as a printhead, the new one arrived today.

Installed, and started the printhead setup process. Everything seemed to be working until it got to the step to start the print, then the same stuck on focusing, printhead setup fails.

I’m sitting on over 40 orders worth about $2000 and I’ve been down now for 2 weeks+

You should go through all the WiFi steps and black cable steps since that would be the thing that didn’t change…

Thanks for that. We’ve gone through all the steps here and more with support. I’m worried it might be a short in the white ribbon cable, but I really have no idea

While you’re still waiting for a resolution, now might be a good time to check out other GF owners who might possibly be able to help you fill those orders…and also, think about what you can do in the future when something happens like this…as is bound to happen with all machinery at some point in time. Perhaps buy a second Glowforge.

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Thank you. I’ve tentatively arranged time on one for today.
As for a backup machine, I ordered a larger laser a couple of weeks ago That doesn’t help the immediate problem, but should make the future safer. This is our first year doing this and really didn’t anticipate it would grow this quickly

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I’m so sorry to hear your printer head after being replaced is still not working.

I have sent you an email to the other ticket you have open with the next steps. To avoid duplicate communication and expedite your process, I’m going to go ahead and close this topic.