Printing /cutting silver for jewelry



Hey guys I’m sort of new here so I might be doing this wrong :grimacing: I’ve a question for all of those who have ever used a Laser cutting machine (which I haven’t) … Can I or could with my new glowforge cut some silver??? Kudos,

Beta project twelve (Acrylic in Wood Inlay)

Short answer… No. :frowning: It’s not powerful enough to cut metal. But you can engrave!! (using some products to help it stand out)


As @JeremyNielsen says, you cannot cut silver of any thickness on the Glowforge (or any small CO2 laser cutter). You can, however, use it for marking out before cutting by hand, or for doing resist work prior to etching, or any number of other experimental ideas that I am dying to try as soon as I get my Glowforge!


My dad told me to always take care of my toys. I guess you have learned that lesson?


Welcome @mary_jimfier!

Here is a couple good lists of laserable material.

And another which also has a list of stuff NOT to cut. Watch out for anything with chlorine in it! :scream:


My father watched in amusement as I took all of my toys apart and scattered the pieces around. The pieces were usually more fun then the toys…


I used to rip all my toys apart to see what made them work!


Many of my toys worked by magic. Turns out if you unscrew some of them, the magic falls out and they never work again. Still worth it.


same here


You just have to learn to collect the magic and put it into NEW toys!
I am not sure, but I think that is what powers the Glowforge.


Is this different from the magic smoke that powers most electronic devices?

(And can you damage a laser cutter by trying zap reflective materials, or does the short depth of field save you most of the time?)


:sob: that’s sad but thank you so much!


No, and (apparently) yes.
In that order.

Do not put Copper or Silicon in your Glowforge.