Printing foto stopped during print

hit snag againg printed 20% and stopped printing and button glowing red why?
turned off the machine multible times button still red what is the problem?
please help machine is only couple off weeks old first print of the day how is this posible?
keep hitting snag !!!

What is the temperature in the room the Glowforge is operating in?

15 dergees celsius

could this be to low?

Yes, you might need a warmer operating environment.

does the machine not create enoff heat after 20 minutes of printing?
sry for my english i am dutch

by the way thanks for replying

Your English is fine. I only know what the Glowforge spec page says, and it states that the temperature should be above 16 celsius. I don’t think the heat generated by the machine counts in that equation. I am another Glowforge owner, not a support person from the company.


i know you are a owner stil thank for the quick reply. i am boosting the temperature and see what happens keep you posted . waiting for the temperture to rise. hope that is the problem !


Good luck!



Can you take a photo so we can see the color you are seeing? Red is not supposed to be a color, that I know of, that anyone should be seeing.

It is really red.

That is odd. I assumed it was orange.

Nope red for sure

Here is what happened when someone else got the red light. The Button is RED

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Thanks I will try that tomorrow because it’s midnight here. Will post again tomorrow.

Found the problem !!! Cable got disconnected from the laser head.
How is this possible? See my previous problems/ statements @dan about the marvel calendar where the design engraving lost alignment during print. As a stated that I foresee a problem with the cable hitting the last screw. I think this is why the cable got disconnected… in my opinion there should be no screws sticking out. This could be solved by sticking a plate over the screws or sincking the screw’s in the metal. Please come up with a solution so this will not happen in the future! Also found that the cable is not aligned whit in the black bar it is in is this normal?


Spell check didn’t help you in that sentence. You might mean that the ribbon is not laying aligned with the black plate that runs the length of the gantry? Mine does lay straight. Or you could mean that the connector is misaligned? It should click in place. If not check that the pins are still good.

I never disconnect the ribbon cable. My ribbon has enough slack to clean the head with the ribbon still attached.


Probably wasn’t secured in the first place. Easy enough to put the cable in without it latching.

Not sure what you mean. Post pictures.