Printing foto stopped during print

Did you tighten the screws? (You can do that.)

sorry again for my bad english i am dutch:see_no_evil: and thanks for the reply have no spelling corection. and i mean what you sad

connector does have a litle bit of lousnes but does click in position. pins are ok i am printing now.
i aslo do not disconnect when i clean.
so conlusion ribbon should be alligned!!!

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they are, and machine is not that old ….

Can you take pictures of the badly aligned white cable in the black bar and post it for the support team to look at?

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Most Americans try to learn another language at some point and fail miserably. Your english is fine.


Pictures would really help. Glad you got it working!

No apologies for your English, I couldn’t begin to speak, or spell yours.
I cringe when I hear someone say “Learn to speak English!”
When you hear someone speak with an accent, it means they speak at least one more language than you do.


finale have the picture converted to pdf because gf does not allow iPhone picture to upload. and now says the upload sise is to big. grrr!
yesss got it!! IMG_1374%5B3458%5D|375x500
i hope!!


I don’t see the screw you mentioned.

this picture is so you can see the cable is not allinged and moves inwort

Would you please open the front drop down door and take a picture from this angle?


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Oh, I see.

Dang Jules, that machine of yours looks new. :no_mouth:


I wish! :smile:
(That’s the stock photo from GF.)



moved the head to the right here you can see how close it is to the back
also the thicknes of the backplate is not visible plus the screw have only about 1mm clearence from the screw
i will try to take a picture


Yes, that definitely looks slightly slanted.

Can you take a picture with the ribbon cable connected to the head? Turn the machine off, move the head to the left side and connect the ribbon cable then seat the head. The picture should look like the one I posted, from far enough back to see how the cable bends.

Maybe it would help you to look at mine. The ribbon is affixed close to the back of the laser arm. That is where it is supposed to be. (But it does need to be laid fairly straight.)


Make sure that the screws underneath are tight and flat.



Thank you for adding the pictures. Someone from the support team will look at them and let you know what to do. :slightly_smiling_face:

(They might just suggest that you remove the end screw on the far right side.)

here you can see it is not flat and that is because it is not atached straight but in a slight angle
from front to back there is about a 1/2 inch or 1 cm diference


3|666x500](upload://vX24OiB8boMOAA1nXF4vRdzh2 JP.jpeg)


thanks for your time!!! hope the come whit a solution.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Like Trexas or Southern or Boston. And there’s Brooklyn too. I never hear my locale’s accent (Connecticut) so I don’t know if we have one. :slight_smile: