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To print a wedding Photo what settings should I use for Maple plywood?

Printing photos (wedding, pet, vacation) is not a one step process where you toss in the wood, select draft photo and hit print. The problem is that most photos need preparation before they can be printed onto wood with a good result. There are tons of posts about photo engraving here in the forum, so I suggest you utilize the search function. Here is a good place to start: How I Prepare Photos for Engraving Using Photoshop


To expand on @dklgood’s excellent advice, check out #9:

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I have and use Photoshop Essentials and do most of the things you suggested. The problem is what settings to use after preparation? But, I liked your prep.

You said draft photo AND is that the best setting to use and what power and speed. These are the things that I was hoping to get from my question.

When you use Proofgrade settings, the power and speed self populate depending on the material selected. As for using draft photo, that is one option and at some point you are just going to have to print part of your project and see how it looks. If you like it, great. If not, maybe try hd photo which is another proofgrade option. Finally, I suggest you read through this entire thread to see how an experienced Glowforge user tests, retests and retests to get to a result they like: Grandparents Photo on PG Maple Hardwood

Thank you so much as you are a big help.

Looking forward to seeing your successful projects.

Thank you so much!!

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