Pro Lid height when open?

This weekend is one of the weekends that I get to take a Glowforge home for testing, so I grabbed the measurements. The tip of the lid is approximately 29" above the table when the lid is fully open (almost 90 deg)

(Pardon the mess, I just moved into my new place not long ago and the garage is still a work in progress)

In my garage, my workbenches are custom built and approximately 41" tall off the floor. (They are repurposed IKEA kitchen cabinets on a 2x3 subframe, and heavy duty casters attached to the subframe to allow them to be repositioned and for cleaning of the floor). I am 5’8" in height and at this 41" table height the Glowforge is at a pretty comfortable height to work with and for me to breath down onto the glass at when I watch it engrave and cut. :slight_smile:

Working backwards, the air filter adds less than 7" to the height; and a standard table is 29.5" off the floor.

The table tops on these workbenches are IKEA Gertons (Products - IKEA), to give you a picture of how big the Glowforge is. It’s not small.

-=- Terence