Pro passthrough beta application update?

Hi. I have the pro passthrough model. I applied about a week ago, and no response.

I saw this thread from two months ago, and it references a link that doesn’t resolve any more.

Is there a timeframe I should expect before it gets put on my machine?


You will get an email from the beta team if your machine qualifies. The number of participants is limited.

nice glasses.

this is such an unsatisfying answer. It’s accurate, of course, but it’s hard to imagine waiting in line at a bank, or for just about anything and hearing, “there is no marker of progress, no queue, no messaging of any kind.” It’s easy enough to fix without any additional manpower.

I’ll be patient. Thanks for chiming in.

The best way to get the beta teams attention is to post your question in the passthrough discussion thread.


Thank you for your interest in the Pro Passthrough beta. I’m glad to see that @eflyguy was able to provide you with advice regarding posting in the beta thread. I’m going to close this topic. If you run into trouble, or have other questions for us, please reach out and we’ll be happy to help!