Pro Passthrough help

Help! I have a Glowforge Pro and I cannot get the passthrough to work. I upload my design and go to the three dots and there’s not an option to turn it on. I have tried everything they suggest. And of course no one will answer a phone call or email. Terrible customer service.
Thank you so much!!!

I think if you run this program it might help: Glowforge - the 3D laser printer


Ok! Good to know but how do I get in tough with someone? Thank you for responding!

See my post above. We were typing at the same time. Try running that and see if the toggle gets enabled.


Please let us know if running the Printhead setup gets your toggle enabled.

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no it did not. do i need to reboot it? i even wondered if there is an update for this?

i ran the print head set up and then tested it to make sure it was done right. then went back to the app and it still wasn’t there.

I still have the slots covered does that make a difference?

No, having the slots covered is not something that the machine knows or doesn’t know.

If the option is not available and you have a Pro, then only support can fix that.

Are you the primary user of the machine, or a secondary account that was given access to it?

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what do you mean test it to make sure it was done right? Do you have a screen shot of what is posted at the end of the print for print head setup?

It makes no difference. The passthrough function is assigned to the machine, not the user.

Same with the fan setting. If it’s “disabled” by the primary user, it will show disabled for additional accounts. Any can change it, however.

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I had a system working before the passthrough bit happened and still prefer it for most circumstances…

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Thats what you would think. They finally responded and wanted the serial number and apparently needs to be turned on by them? So im waiting!

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