Pro Vs Basic, how thick can you go?



The maximum material thickness that can normally be used is 0.5in with the tray, 2in without the tray.
Is this the same on the pro and basic?

I’m considering upgrading to the pro as I’ve recently had a couple of cases where it would be beneficial to be able to work on something larger than the basic’s work area and thicker than the 0.5in available with the tray, but this would only work if the item could be put in through the slot.


Same dimensions internally for both. The pass through slot is supposed to only allow 1/4" material.


same as @lcuellar63 said. Same internal dimensions but the slot is 3/8 inch thick, so 1/4 would be optimal to pass through there. (I suppose you could put something through that is a shade larger, but not by much at all.)


Or if you happen to own a saws-all you can cut much thicker stuff with that pass through slot :wink:


Don’t forget to pass out free canes and eye patches with that advice…


If think a Dremel or RotoZip might’ve a better tool for the job than a Sawzall. Sawzalls aren’t exactly gentle beasts. :scream:


A bit of a side question - but is the pass through ability simply a matter of the different housing or is it something enabled software wise for Pros only? [quote=“dan, post:10, topic:297, full:true”]
Although I must recommend against it for safety reasons, opening the lower door in front and overriding the safety interlocks by placing magnets against the sensors would not void your warranty.

The slot in the back, however, doesn’t have a corresponding door.


This seems to indicate that it is simply a physical limitation, with no software difference regarding alignment/registration being enabled or disabled given the model.


I think the inherent limit is the Z axis travel, cutting a bigger slot isn’t going to change that.


This can see this comment here:

But if you can see there is people thinking to modify the PRO after the warranty ends but Dan also makes this statement

So yes you can modify the PRO to get thicker materials but you will lose the warranty and the certifications.


You would need a custom tray on the inside to account for the thicker material. I would say if you are opening it up, keep the top of the slot untouched. This will ensure you don’t get too close to the laser head and be out of focus.


To directly answer your question. (and as far as I can tell.) if your basic “magically” gained a pass through slot. You would still be limited by the software pro features.


At best. And, of course, you would be Class IV, only uncertified.


Totally not trying this, but because I thought it: What kind of mirror would be needed to allow the Glowforge to cut its own bigger pass-through slot? Is it possible? After seeing @Hirudin’s attempts at titanium, it got me thinking. I know I shouldn’t let bad thoughts get through, but sometimes they just seem so logical.




what’s next double sided engraving/cutting with a mirror and a beam splitter?


Maybe try something like this:


Make sure to have your stunt double test it out first!



Enabler, that’s what you are! Don’t make it so easy for me!:head_bandage:


What you see in the mirror is your problem not mine! :slight_smile:
Just don’t look with your remaining eye.