Problem signing into iOS app

I keep getting an “oops” pop-up when I try to sign into the iOS app. Screenshot attached.

Tried deleting and reinstalling the app, same issue. Please help! :sob:

They stopped supporting the iOS app awhile back. Most people seem to just log in from a browser on their iPad.


I never use the iOS app but, have it installed. I just tried. Same message. So, it’s not just you. As @ChristyM said, it’s no longer supported and, probably finally broke.

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@ChristyM is right. Unfortunately, we’re not able to assist with the app since it was a beta program and we’ve removed it from the store. Customers have told us that the mobile website is a better experience. You can still use your Glowforge from your iPad by browsing to and logging in there.

I’m going to close this topic. If you need help with anything else, please either start a new thread or email