Problem with a large pdf image print

Digging through the forums i came across jbmanning5’s post on how to split a large file over several artboards.

Followed this in a project I am doing for a piece that needs to be split into 4 sections to fit in the glowforge. This all worked out seemingly as i saved 4 artboards, each with a piece of the image. Here is just one of them.
Artboard 2.pdf (133.5 KB)
Seems just what i want when i open it, but when i take it into glowforge, just this one file out of the 4, it gives me the entire project, way too large to fit the material in the glowforge.
What am i missing here? Any suggestions from anyone would be appreciated.


Your PDF file is too high. The highest I have used with no issues and easy placement on the glowforge bed is 10 5/8 (10.625).

It does look like a 1/4 image of a larger design though, so no idea why you think it is loading the entire image, unless that ‘image too large’ caution is misleading you.

I took the liberty of changing height to 10.625 (with ratio locked to keep image integrity) and loaded it below.
See if this will load for you

partial-1.pdf (38.7 KB)

edit: if do this again, you can maybe flip the shortest measurement to height and set image to 21.25 inches before quartering it. Then the quarters will already be the required 10.625 and will fit nicely.


Thanks, i will try that out. But what i mean is that it loads all 4 quarters (the entire circular image as one file) in my GF when i load that file that looks like only 1 quarter. If it did not do that for you, then its something in my computer or GF app.

The only thing you did was shrink that file down just a little to fit in the 10.625 height? I just tried it and it works great, but then i loaded the one i posted from the link and the same thing, it has the entire 4 quarters of the image as one. Also, look at the file size, mine is approx 4 times larger.

Apparently Illustrator is showing 4 sections but saving them as a whole.
Dunno how or why, do not use Illustrator.

In Corel, I would use Ctrl+KNIFE and slice it at the center line points.
Then once they were moved away from each other to check that it worked, I would copy and paste each section into a new 12x20 workspace and save them as Pt-1, Pt-2, etc.

Are you trying to load them from the origin workspace, still with all 4 sections on it?
If so, then cull them one at a time into their own workspace as mentioned above.

I was just following that tiling tutorial that i posted above. I have just finished saving each by using: Export - Save for Web (Legacy), and now have 4 new files, about to go try them out.

(I loaded up one of the first 4 and started looking through the layers, and it was showing only 1/4 of the larger image due to clipping masks)

Just for future proofing - this was answered here:

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Thank you for helping @brokendrum and @jbmanning5.

I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!