Problem with print head scoop assembly hitting work

I’m working with 1/2" maple. successfully emboss 4 different pieces and then all of a sudden the back of the print head “scoop” is hitting the material. it’s like something shifted. might be related or not, but I also found a washer next to the crumb tray. any ideas… it’s almost Christmas Eve and projects are waiting…

The 1/2 inch useable height with the crumb tray in is the clearance to the bottom of that scoop. Perhaps your material is just a tad over that dimension? If the material is actually 1/2" then perhaps the tray isn’t sitting down in the dimples on the floor of the machine. If neither of those help then all you have to do is remove the crumb tray and stack your material on something flat until the top surface is within the 1/2 inch range from the laser.


This is handy for engraving without the crumb tray! :wink:


This would be my assumption if the wood was working before.


that was the problem! thank you


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