Proofgrade 1/4" Clear Acrylic: Bunny Cookie Cutter



I printed one just a bit ago and it’s in glueup. I tweaked the slot a little for the handle. Was a bit too wide so I cut a .5mm shim to go in the slot with the handle. I’ll post a pic of that later, but that’s about as thin as you can slice the 1/4" acrylic with my machine. Might go thinner with tweaking of settings. The spines came out just fine so the design works as I intended. Cookies will have to wait until this evening. I’m going to see mom this afternoon and that’s an hour and a half there. Happy Easter everyone!


Ok, now that is really cool, nice!


Nice work and writeup… and nice pictures. That’s the way I like my cookies too. Caramelized!

Next stop, rolled dough in in the machine (if you’re allowed)?


Who would know? My crumb tray is a bit nasty at the moment. I really don’t think it would hurt if I put the dough on a raised cutting board after a nice clean of everything. But food safety, blah blah. Would be interesting to see because the dough is wet.


Okay, those are super fun!! Great idea!


That’s awesome! And :squee: for crispy more-well done cookies! A man after my own heart!


I made two more cookie cutters. The hedgie and the Millenium Falcon. The cookies didn’t turn out though because I used a roll of dough from the store that puffed up and spread out. Need to mix up another batch of AB’s sugar cookies. They worked great.

The hedgie works perfectly. I do have to tweak the design a little. Messed up the slot size for the handle.

The Millenium Falcon worked great as an outline. The engraved detail showed up, but in this dough dissappeared in the baking. Will have to tweak that design. This is one of the reasons why I was engraving deep too as a test to get some features on the surface of the cookie. Work in progress. The handle wasn’t flush with the bottom so it left a relief there. Will redo how where I put the handle and also cut some reliefs all the way through rather than just engraving the features.

So, I could make some Yoda cookie cutters and the kids would go wild. Evidently it’s a thing. Or the various helmets. No end to Star Wars themed cookie cutters. I’d like to write this up as an Instructable. I haven’t found anything yet close to a laser cut cookie cutter yet. Anyone else seen something like this?

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 22nd, 2017

Squeeeeeeeeee! :hedgie: :hedgie: :hedgie:


Your cookie cutters are the coolest! I’ve not seen anything by anybody else on such a thing, I say go for it!

I really need to tap into that stack of 1/4" acrylic…


Awesome cookie cutter progress. And the big holiday is only 16 days away so you have time for Yoda and company.


What a great idea to do for the big day. That would have some energy behind it!


Wow. Just wow. You put in the perfect amount of planning and effort into these and it clearly paid off! Not only Liked, but Bookmarked. Seriously, wow.

And I effing love your bunny!


You are just going to town with these! Bravo!


i’ve been making cookie molds with my CNC machine for 7 years. Couple of tips:
Stay away from cookie dough with egg in it. They cause the cookie to rise and you loose the pattern. Shortbread, Gingerbred, Springerle and Speculass (Dutch Windmill) work really well.
Cold is your friend, after pressing and cutting out put the cookies in the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes and then onto a room temperature cookie shut and into a hot oven. the outside will cook and set before it has a chance to slump.


Some great advice here. Are those last three photos actual cookies? If so, that is some incredible detail! Inspires me to try it.


jthose are polymer clay impressions to show what the cookies will look like, but were made with the actual presses. Most people can’t see the celtic knots when carved in the inverse (it also acts as a marketing tool to make them nice and bright).


Do shoes get in the way of proper cookie production?


I noticed that too…


Baking while barefoot has the added perk of promptly letting you know when you drop cookie dough on the floor. Since eating raw dough is frowned upon lately, can’t have the pets or small kids finding it first. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I own some of @wanderingwood’s cookie presses. They are AMAZING. And the other designs done are also fantastic.

Also we had a chance to chat in person a week or two ago while at a festival in Ohio. :smiley:

By the way, @wanderingwood, what press do you use? just the circles or do you use a different type of hand press?