Proofgrade 1/4" Clear Acrylic: Bunny Cookie Cutter



Not for cookie making, but to get a genuine hand crafted photograph you have to get some body part in the shot (finger, foot, hair…:joy:)


I standardized on a 2.5 inch round for my stock presses, but can make any shape for custom orders.


My wife said I ought to show some actual cookie dough in progress:


Beautiful! Love the dragon and griffin. (And the gears. Yes, I’m weird.)


Whoa. OK those are amazingly detailed. The the fleure d’lis granite?


Okay, now you have seriously inspired me to make cookie molds. These cookies are awesome! Is this a shortbread recipe?


SWMBO is already concerned over my cookie consumption.
Not sure what her reaction would be when I start making cutters :grinning:


Solid Surface Countertop (Corian)

These cookies are a Honey Lemon cookie recipe that I got from “Baking with Cookie Molds” by Anne L. Watson


These are amazing! FWIW, I’m way more impressed by the pictures of actual cookies.


I don’t eat cookies, and I want to make some of these cutters.


I am trying to design similar cutters to use with metal clay. I want to create multiple chambers with the blade so that I can enamel or put resin in them.
My question pertains to the engraving for the blade to sit in (which I think is brilliant BTW). I think that you made the blade 1.5mm so then is the engraving also 1.5mm wide? With a scored edge?
My second question is in regards to the handle recess. Is this engraved or cut? How do I figure out the dimensions? Sorry to be so dense. Thank you.


Do you think it would work to cut your “blade” piece and then just score the outline for placing it onto the base, and then hit it with a needle of Weld On to wick it permanently into place? That engrave time sounds brutal for something so small.


Those cookies look amazing! Hubby promised to bake me some cookies this weekend and I’m on the search for something not super sweet. I like tart, spicy, earthy, shortbread etc. and Hubby loves sickening sweet chocolate ones. I’m gonna have to have to hand him a recipe I want otherwise I’ll have triple chocolate butterscotch again lol. I found Anne’s book for sale, but was looking to see if the recipe is published online anywhere and I’ve not had any luck. This is kinda silly, but is the recipe specifically called, “Honey Lemon cookie” or some other name? Is it a really sweet cookie, or a nice balance of tart lemon and honey?


If you de-focussed the beam, then hit it with a powerful, slow score, I’d expect to find a nice groove to drop the cutter in, and glue, just as you suggest.


I like shortbread with a hint of flavor myself…lime coconut is probably my favorite flavor using coconut oil, coconut water, coconut cream and lime zest.


Yes. That might work ok. I haven’t used Weldon on so I don’t know its adhesive properties. The two things I was concerned about what not breaking the blade part through use. The acrylic that thin is fragile and then getting depth was also a thing. I think I need a sheet of 1/2" acrylic to cut the blades out and then just glue it around the base. That would be lots faster and make it pretty strong.

I should revisit this design. I’ve learned a lot since then.


Think of it not as an adhesive, but it actually welds/melts the acrylic pieces together as long as they are both flush together…


Look at the recipe for New Years cookies. :grin::yum:


One of my favorites is

They also have lots of other recipes and guides at