Proofgrade in the UK

It is beyond irritating that in the UK we are constantly bombarded with US offers for proofgrade materials at significantly lower costs than the UK. You can even go through the shop process seeing prices in £(so much lower too), only to get to the checkout to be told you must go to Hobbycraft as in the UK. Lo and behold you get to Hobbycraft and they have no maple ply or cherry ply which is what you want! Either sort out the stock or let us order from the US!!


Hey, welcome, but sorry it was like this – that’s frustrating.

The unfortunate thing is that Glowforge staff doesn’t read the forum regularly, so none of us can help you or even ensure that your feedback is received. You’ll need to email if you want them to know how you feel.

Hopefully you’ll stick around and post some of your creations, we love new people here.


Ah ok thank you for this! I will be sure to send my feedback :relaxed:


Btw if you want to feel less alone in this, there are a bunch of threads about it. You’re definitely not the only one to call this out.

Here’s one about shipping:

And a whole bunch about proofgrade in the UK:


Thank you so much! Sadly I can’t even complain about shipping costs as they have stopped shipping to the UK! The only option is Hobbycraft who don’t have the stock :confused: I’ve signed up to be notified when it comes back in stock but they only recently started selling Glowforge so not a great start to run out so soon when they’re the only place to get it from :confused:

There have been times when the reverse has been true, that materials have been unavailable in the US. Then they get it in and you have to move fast to get in on the supplies party before they are out again.


Good to know - thanks!

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