Proofgrade Kitchen Kitsch

Starting to get into a few 3D designs now, which take me a little longer to assemble. :smile:

(I wind up with glue in places you would not believe!)

This was one of my earlier designs for a kitschy little brush stand. (Probably a bit of design overkill just to get it off the counter. Chuckle!)

This is the one that @Hirudin cut and assembled to help test parameterization last year…
(Link below if anyone wants to watch.)

Hirudin video of cut

I did wind up taking his suggestion and ran a 4mm dowel through the top part of the stand to give the upper fins a little more stability, and glued those into place. (Good call!)

Also got a chance to use the Engrave function in the GFUI to try to create a little pocket for the dowel. It takes multiple passes, but was definitely workable for a shallow mortise and tenon.

I’m tickled pink with how it turned out in the Maple and Walnut Proofgrade (1/8") ply. One thing that doesn’t get mentioned very often, but it makes a big difference in post-processing time, is that the Proofgrade has a slight satin finish already applied - you don’t really have to varnish it. It looks great without it and wipes off clean. (Making it great for kitchen pieces that might get splashed a bit.) :wink:

And it works! (My countertop is ever so much neater now.)

Update: Yeah, you want to go ahead and seal it. It lasted for about a year and a half but eventually the buildup of drips from the sponge caused the bottom to swell slightly. It still worked, but it looked a little strange so I pitched it. :anguished:


Oh that is so cool!


I love the design, it looks awesome.

Are you going to put a waterproof finish on it?


Nope! The Proofgrade is already water shedding. (It has a finish on it.) :smiley:


Great job on that counter organizer! You now just need one of these:

  • Rich

Trying to find one that does foam. So far they all do liquid soap. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I audibly said “Oh! I like this!” when I saw this.


That looks great. Love the multi-material. I like the base


Great! Thanks!

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At first, looking out your kitchen window, I thought you had a row of pinball machines out there.


Outdoor pinball machines in the yard. Would need a waterproof case and be easy to clean. Anti-glare glass would probably be necessary as well. I like this idea.


But only on the faces. The edges you cut would not have and finish on them. Not sure how well char will water proof.

Yes yes I know, Japanese do that, but they burn deep.


Exactly what I was thinking. Since it is ply - wouldn’t water cause it to possible swell? Even if not urethane based, what if maybe some waxed based finish on the sides somewhat to protect from water splashes/humidity.


Nicest brush holder I’ve ever seen :smile: another day, another new idea to cut. Love it.


I could always hit it with some lemon pledge or car wax if I was concerned about it - or hit the edges with some dilute Elmers.

I’m not too worried about it. (I don’t plan to run it through the dishwasher.) :slight_smile:

Chuckle! Those are my Grow Boxes in some little wheelbarrow things that hubs made for them. Lets us wheel them into the garage in the winter to save the harvest. (Didn’t grow anything this year but some kale and a few green onions.)


This is absolutely wonderful and I want to make a few!

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Very nice!

@chrgeup, my Son has one and when I clean up after dinner I inadvertently trigger that thing and it dumps on the counter :no_mouth:


That’s really attractive and functional! Maybe this will finally get the girlfriend to stop asking me when my “laser pointer toy” will arrive… :slight_smile:


Haven’t you married that gal yet? :wink:


How are you dealing with getting this thing wet? Or does the wood you use not care about being wet?

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